Why Your Company Should Keep a Corporate Housing Apartment

When you’re in charge of finding the best lodging options for your traveling employees, you must balance the comfort of your employees with the costs. You have many options, from hotels to an Airbnb to short-term apartments. If you have team members on-site for a few days, a hotel may serve the purpose. However, does the hotel option make sense when you have employees flowing in and out of the same city over the course of the year? Keeping a corporate housing apartment in Hattiesburg, MS on lease solves the issue of finding the right hotel, paying for meals out, and giving your team the comforts of home.


How Your Company Benefits from Corporate Housing Services


Once you choose to keep a corporate housing apartment in your inventory, you’ll quickly enjoy the many benefits. If you’re considering this option but are still on the fence, consider these benefits:


  1. Apartments Are Located within Communities, Not High-Traffic Areas: When sending your team on location, they are often stuck in cramped hotels where they may not be able to relax fully. Having the company’s short-term accommodations located within a corporate housing community in Hattiesburg, MS, offers your employees a place out of the city’s hubbub, giving them a quiet area to relax.
  2. Corporate Apartments Can Be All-Inclusive: When setting up a lease, you may notice that the rent payment also includes utilities, trash, cable, and internet service. By having amenities incorporated into one bill, you don’t have to remember to establish utility service each time a team member moves in. This will be really helpful if your company routinely sends employees to this location.
  3. Units Are Fully Furnished: It’s a hassle to furnish an apartment, especially if you’re not local to the area and don’t know where to look for quality furnishings at reasonable prices. A corporate apartment that has all the furniture, and amenities, including pots, pans, and linens, saves time and energy for you and your employees.
  4. Housekeeping Keeps Things “Move-In Ready”: Your corporate housing agency provides services to keep things ready to go for your team. To ensure your rental apartment is always clean and ready, they have access to cleaning crews that will come in and clean-up in between stays and even during an employee’s stay.

Make Temporary Travel Easier with Corporate Housing in Hattiesburg, MS

Avoid struggling to find quality accommodations for your traveling team. Say no to high cost with extended-stay hotels and Airbnb’s. Give us a call today! At Corporate Housing Experts, we truly care about your needs. Let us design a package to meet your employees’ needs. You’ll quickly love our attention to detail. As one of our clients says, “You always make finding housing for my employees easy on me!” Are you ready to rest easier knowing your team is well-cared for in your company’s corporate housing?

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