Why You Should Choose Corporate Apartments over Hotels

If you’re traveling to Jackson, MS on any kind of long-term business trip, you are probably examining your options thoroughly. Chances are, you already know about all the available hotel suites in Jackson, but what about corporate apartments? Which is the better choice for you?

Chances are, an extended stay in a hotel in Jackson, MS, is going to be both expensive and uncomfortable. Hotels offer relatively cramped spaces, and almost any amenities beyond the most basic will require using public services in an unfamiliar city. This includes getting laundry done and getting food. Additionally, hotel suites in Jackson are taxed, which can make quite an addition to your total bill.

On the other hand, a corporate apartment will offer a relaxed atmosphere. While most corporate apartments have a minimum stay of a month, if you are planning to stay for that long or longer, they are cheaper per night than a hotel. This is in part because they are not taxed. They also offer much more space than a hotel room. Having an apartment split into different rooms is more comfortable and it also better allows multiple people to share the living area. For example, it is much easier for one person to sleep while another is working if one is in a separate bedroom while the other is in a study.

Corporate apartments offer many amenities whereas hotel suites in Jackson do not. This includes a full kitchen, a washer and dryer. You’ll be able to do laundry and cook full meals within your own area, rather than continuously eating out and trying to find a public laundry area. For comfort, economy stays of a month or more should definitely be booked in corporate apartments, not hotels.