Why Struggle with Storage Space in a Hotel Room? Enjoy More Comfort in Extended Stay Apartments across Jackson and Biloxi, MS

Working away from home can be lonely, especially when you are away from your family and friends. It helps to have a few personal items with you that add meaning to your life. However, the lack of familiarity in a hotel room does not help make your stay feel like a home away from home.


When you choose corporate housing for your extended stay in Jackson or Biloxi, Mississippi instead of a hotel, you gain the added benefit of having your personal belongings around you. This helps you feel more energetic, motivated and capable of working to your full potential.


Here are a few aspects to consider when deciding on a hotel versus a temporary apartment:


4 Storage Benefits of Extended Stay Apartments


  • Wardrobe Space: It is frustrating when you check in to your hotel, start to unpack, and discover there are only three hangers on a short pole in a tiny closet. When staying for longer than a few days, you do not want to live out of your suitcase and spend your expense account on unnecessary dry cleaning. With a corporate rental unit in Jackson or Biloxi, you have plenty of closet space and hangers to properly unpack, so you avoid wrinkled clothing, dry cleaning expenses, and a cramped lifestyle.
  • Bathroom Space: Most hotels have very little bathroom counter space for you to organize your toiletries. This just makes it harder to get ready on the morning of an important meeting with clients. Imagine the frustration of constantly having to shift your toothbrush, shaving kit, or makeup around on a small countertop. In a comfortable rental apartment, you will have the needed space to set your mornings up for success.
  • Hobby Space: With the high stress and frantic paces of today’s corporate life, nobody wants to be immersed in all work and no play. You might not think about bringing your hobbies with you during your business trip. However, what better way to nurture yourself than by engaging in your favorite activity? For example, if you love to practice Yoga, you can use a spare room as your temporary studio. Whether your favorite pastime is photography, surfing, or painting, temporary housing provides the additional space that a single hotel room cannot.
  • Personal Mementoes: Sometimes you just want to have family close by; however, it is not practical to bring them with you. Hotels do not always have that extra space for a few framed photos or a place to hang your child’s newest “masterpiece.” A furnished rental unit offers those extra areas to place mementos, including a refrigerator for your budding Picasso.

Being away from home does not have to be lonely or cramped. You can bring those items that matter the most to you and create an environment that supports the best you possible. It can be tougher to be away from your family when you are stuck in a cramped hotel room. Find comfortable and convenient corporate housing solutions in Biloxi and Jackson, Mississippi.

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