Why Hire Corporate Housing Experts for a Furnished Corporate Apartment?

The reasons for using a corporate apartment are many. It provides a real work and home space for you to use as your base while you are traveling. It also provides a place to stay at a better rate than a hotel or a regular apartment for mid-length stays in a city. And once you’ve considered that you want corporate housing, it’s obvious that you’d want a furnished apartment. Furnishing it yourself, either with your own belongings from home or with new furniture, however cheap, will be inconvenient at best.

For furnished apartments in Jackson, MS, your best choice is Corporate Housing Experts, or CHE. Why? Well, we offer short term furnished apartment rentals at great rates. You’ll have kitchen appliances set up and all the basic essential furniture you need for your stay. That includes a bed and bedding, chairs, lighting, and more. You may even be able to customize which amenities you want in your specific corporate apartment so that you can get the most out of your stay.

CHE provides spacious furnished apartments in Jackson, MS for the right length of time. You won’t be stuck with a six-month lease, nor will you have to pay hotel rates for weeks on end. And you’ll still get the same great convenience and comfort that you would in your own apartment or in a hotel – moreover, you’ll have more space to call your own than you would in a hotel, and better furniture than buying cheap makeshift items to fill an unfurnished apartment. If you need furnished apartments in Jackson, MS for a business stay, call 800.990.7368 to make arrangements with CHE or to find out more about the options and amenities we provide.