Why Consider Extended Stay Apartments in Mississippi

Corporate apartments are one of the many different options for housing your team or yourself for short-term assignments. Yes, you could choose to use a hotel or an Airbnb, but the experience is not the same. For example, a hotel has minimal space and few options for daily meals. Your employees are stuck with eating out for every meal, which can be expensive and unhealthy. Airbnb accommodations offer a little more wiggle room, but only if you find a whole house or apartment and not just a room.

You and your team can enjoy the many benefits that come with an extended stay apartment in Mississippi when you check out Corporate Housing Experts. Our team works with you to find the best communities to fit your needs. Additionally, we help with setting up all utilities, offer furniture packages, and can point you in the right direction for some excellent food in the beautiful Magnolia State. We make it easy on you. Our client, KJ agrees, “You always make finding housing for my employees easy on me!”

4 Reasons to Utilize Extended Stay Corporate Housing

You have several choices for housing your team. Why not consider corporate housing? Check out these four reasons why it’s the best choice:

  1. Save Your Company Money: Finding hotels can be time-consuming, and when time is money, you want to utilize both wisely. Instead of hunting down tiny rooms with no amenities, choose an extended stay apartment with flexible leasing terms. Additionally, you can enjoy month-to-month leasing, all-in-one billing, including utilities, furniture rental, rent, and other costs for more straightforward expense reporting. Your CFO and accounting department will thank you!
  2. Save Your Employees’ Sanity: Being placed on a long-term assignment, hundreds or thousands of miles away is tough. Now imagine being stuck in a tiny sized room with no place to relax or keep up on an exercise routine. This won’t happen with a corporate rental. Your team can come home, put their feet up, cook some dinner, and sleep in a comfortable bed.
  3. Save Yourself from Mistakes: It may sound odd, but you can make the mistake of taking a transfer and being stuck in a purchased home in a less-than-ideal neighborhood. Instead, use a furnished apartment to get to know the area, find the best communities to live in, and discover if you want to set some roots in a new city.
  4. Save Everyone from that ‘Temporary’ Feel: Living out of a suitcase gets tedious and can be disheartening. Hotels and Airbnb lodging may exacerbate the feeling. Let your team experience a home-away-from-home feel that comes with a fully furnished extended stay apartment in Mississippi. They can personalize the space with some decorations and homemade meals in the decked-out kitchen.

Take Advantage of Extended Stay Benefits with Corporate Housing Experts

Talk to us today to establish a corporate apartment in the cities you need your team to be in. We’ll walk you through the whole process. You can rest easy knowing your extended stay needs are taken care of by the Corporate Housing Experts team.

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