Why Choose Corporate Housing in Meridian over an Airbnb – Make Smarter Choices When You Know the Differences

You have many choices when seeking accommodations for business travel. If you are visiting Meridian, MS, there are tried and true hotels, corporate housing, and Airbnb. The pros and cons of each are many, and while it may seem you are comparing apples to apples, that is not necessarily the case. Savvy travelers choose corporate housing in Meridian for a good reason.

Most of us have spent time in a hotel. Unless it is a high-end one, the average rooms are generally small. They serve their purpose but not for long-term stays. The Airbnb model has turned the hospitality world on its ear, and why not? There are a variety of places to stay in urban, suburban, and rural areas. You can find great prices and the services you need. Well, maybe; but not always. You may be lucky, or you may end up with a bad experience.

Depending on where you need to stay, an Airbnb is not the best place for you or your team. When you want a professional and comfortable option with plenty of amenities, corporate housing in Meridian is your best choice. Corporate Housing Experts have solutions that will suit your team while being kind to your company’s budget. Give your employees a home away from home when you stay in one of our communities.

3 Differences between Corporate Housing and Airbnb

Each type of travel lodging caters to different segments of travelers. When it comes to business travel, why choose corporate housing? Here are four differences between Airbnb and rental accommodations available through Corporate Housing Experts in Meridian:

  • Private vs. Professional Feel: Those who want an Airbnb, expect to live in someone else’s house and follow their rules. It is much less professional, and privacy may be limited in many cases. Corporate housing includes fully furnished residences so you can enjoy your privacy and feel at home.
  • Level of Service: If you want to leave your executives or other team members on their own, an Airbnb may suffice. The idea is of self-service. On the other hand, with a corporate housing unit, your employees may be able to enjoy amenities like a swimming pool, gym, and meeting rooms. 24-hour maintenance service may also be provided.
  • Pricing Differences: Airbnb’s are great for very short stays. For more extended stays, you can enjoy reasonable monthly rates through an established corporate housing provider.

Get the Most for Your Travel Budget with Corporate Housing in Meridian

Ensure that your business travelers have comfortable accommodations and privacy. The team at Corporate Housing Experts knows their communities and how to give your company the best services and assistance. We service Meridian, Jackson, Vicksburg, Laurel and Hattiesburg, Mississippi with affordable rental housing to meet your company’s needs. Check us out today!

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