Why are Companies Choosing Corporate Housing?

It’s easy to understand why employees would prefer corporate housing to a hotel stay – after all, corporate housing is designed to be more comfortable for the person staying in it, since it is better suited for a long stay than a hotel is. However, there’s another question to be considered – why do companies choose it? Although employee comfort is important, the bottom line is that something needs to be cost effective before it can be a company-wide decision. So why do big companies turn to corporate housing providers when looking for ways to house their employees for longer business trips?

Part of the answer is that getting a temporary apartment in Jackson, MS – and in other cities around the country – is often much cheaper per night than a hotel stay would be, and still cheaper than a full or half year lease for a regular apartment would be. For business engagements that are going to last between one and six months, working with corporate housing providers is cheaper than any other option. And that’s just for the room itself – it doesn’t count the money saved by employees having the chance to make their own food rather than eat out every night for a month or more.

In addition, corporate housing providers offer something that no hotel can – the ability for employees to rejuvenate almost as though they were really going home. It is very taxing on most employees to be sent on long assignments where they have to be away from home for a long time. Employees who are stressed due to living in close quarters and not having a space that can feel like their own will not do their best work. When you want to provide the best option for your employees, call 800.990.7368 to find out more about a temporary apartment in Jackson, MS.