Who Can Use Corporate Housing in Hattiesburg, MS?

“Corporate housing” is a misnomer. At first glance, it indicates that only applies to those in the corporate. In reality, many different categories of renters may benefit from this type of housing.

The team at Corporate Housing Experts work with a wide range of clients. We help you find the right place to lay your head with corporate housing in Hattiesburg, MS, and across the nation.

Check Out these Categories of Corporate Housing Users

Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of an extended stay apartment. Check out these categories of prime candidates.

  1. Corporate Executives: Whether you are transferring or acting as an interim CEO, corporate housing provides you the comfort of home without having to uproot your family.
  2. Military Families: Sometimes, base housing is not available at the time you arrive with your new orders. Corporate housing allows you to show up on time to your commanding officer, ready to go, instead of stressing over where you will sleep.
  3. Students and Interns: Living on campus can be a pain, but renting an apartment for 12 months when you are only in the area for nine doesn’t make sense. Extended stay offers you the chance to rent a beautiful apartment near campus without keeping you tied to the area with a long lease.
  4. Corporate Trainers: Use corporate housing to relax at night while you are on assignment training co-workers. With Wi-Fi availability, you can plan the next session in the comfort of your home-away-from-home.
  5. Energy Workers: Oil and gas exploration workers spend an excessive amount of time on the road. Hotels don’t offer the same level of comfort that an extended stay apartment can.
  6. Project Managers: Are you in the manufacturing or construction field? You may benefit from corporate apartments. When you have to travel on location for a project, avoid cramped quarters of a hotel and opt to stretch out in a temporary flat.
  7. Families on Vacation: Believe it or not, families can benefit from utilizing corporate housing for extended vacations. This is an excellent option for those family reunions where people travel from around the country and want one landing pad for everyone to meet.
  8. Displaced Homeowners: Did you experience the unfortunate situation of losing your house to a fire? Your insurance company may put you in extended stay housing while repairs or rebuilding takes place.

Get More Value for Your Budget with Corporate Housing

We all want value for our budget, and corporate housing is the answer for many. Talk with our team today and see how extended stay apartments serve your needs. Corporate Housing Experts understand the needs of our clientele. We work tirelessly to make your short-term stay effortless. A customer of ours, Heather, agrees, “The commitment they show their customers is exceptional as is the customer service they provide.” Give us a call and experience the difference our experts can make.

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