What Makes a Corporate Lodging Feel Like Home?

There are many benefits to choosing corporate lodging over staying at a hotel when on a business trip. This is especially true when your trip will last for more than a few weeks at a time. It is important to ensure that your accommodations feel like home.

Corporate lodging provides you with that home-away-from-home feeling that you just can’t find in a hotel. You can expect the following:

  1. A fully equipped kitchen

You can take advantage of a fully equipped kitchen that will allow you to cook the meals you enjoy when you’re at home. The full size appliances and cabinet space enables you to cut down your meal spending and cut the calories from all of the restaurant food you would be eating if staying in a hotel.

  1. Laundry facilities

A full size washer and dryer will be waiting for you in your apartment upon arrival. Do your laundry at home and don’t waste time and money at the laundromat.

  1. A comfortable bed

Comfort is important. It’s a relief for travelers to know that the beds that come with corporate lodgings are excellent and ready for you upon arrival.

  1. Free Wi-Fi

Free, high speed Wi-Fi is provided with this type of accommodation, allowing you to keep up with work and on what is happening at home while you are away. No more sharing a slow, public Wi-Fi connection with an entire hotel.

  1. More privacy

Unlike a hotel, you will often have a semi-private walkway/breezeway/or stairwell to your apartment when living in this type of temporary space. No under-chaperoned school, church or other groups will keep you up all night running up and down the hallways and housekeeping can visit on your schedule, when requested.

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