Using Extended Stay Apartments When You Work Remotely

A new phenomenon has developed in recent years. Positions that used to be location-specific became less dependent on where the office was located. As long as the team member had a computer and internet access, they could complete their jobs and tasks from home. Now, employees are enjoying the benefits of working remotely, including no longer being bound to the same city where the employer is located. They have the freedom to live wherever they want. Some are learning that corporate housing in Gulfport, MS, and around the country offers them opportunities to explore new places while having a home base.


A New Style of Office Work


As more and more companies develop a remote or hybrid work environment, employees are choosing to hit the road. You don’t have to sell all your belongings, refurbish an old school bus, and live the life of a nomad. Instead, you can take advantage of comfortable accommodations found in corporate housing communities. Enjoy all the perks of living life and working on the road, including:


  1. Virtual happy hours: Since there is no longer a community water cooler to gather around, connect with team members virtually. Extended stay apartments have wi-fi, making it easier to jump on a Zoom call and chat with co-workers. You can pull snacks from your kitchen refrigerator instead of forking out money for an expensive coffee in a noisy shop.
  2. Designated wi-fi and office space: Not only can you meet up with others online in privacy, but your internet is secured and not shared like in public places. You can also designate a space to work free of distractions. You might even see your productivity improve.
  3. Freedom to explore new areas of the country: Some people move to where their job is and then get stuck. Maybe they want to live closer to family but also love their job. The dilemma is intense. Corporate housing offers the opportunity to move toward family or test out a new area without a mortgage or long-term lease commitment.
  4. No need to move furniture unless you want to: Many apartments are fully furnished. All you need to bring are your clothes and some personal effects. The rest is already set up, including utilities and internet.


Corporate Housing in Gulfport, MS Gives Working Remotely a Whole New Twist


Enjoy working remotely from the comfort of an extended stay apartment from Corporate Housing Experts. We have many communities across the southeast United States. You can explore the history and heritage of Gulfport, Jackson, and Biloxi, MS. With amenities such as wi-fi, fitness rooms, pools, and more, your furnished apartment will feel like home in no time. When you’re ready for some new scenery, you don’t have to pack up and rent a moving truck. We make the process smooth and hassle-free. Our customers agree, “Corporate Housing Experts made my short-term relocation effortless!” Give us a call to make working an exciting new adventure remotely!

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