Understanding the Basics of ALE while Scouting Extended Stay Units in Biloxi, MS

Looking for rental accommodation in Biloxi, MS while your flood or fire-damaged home is being restored? First determine your additional living expenses (ALE) coverage. Depending on the type of insurance policy you have, ALE can help meet all or part of your temporary displacement expenses. Here is a quick overview to help you understand the basics of how ALE works.

What is ALE?

If your home is damaged by a natural disaster, water or a fire, you may need temporary accommodations while the repairs are being carried out. Most home owners or renter’s insurance policies have additional living expenses coverage which pays for the “extra costs” you incur during this time. Also known as Loss of Use (LOU) coverage, this can help meet the expenses of your Biloxi extended stay unit or any other type of rental accommodation.

Typical ALE coverage may include:

  • Cost of temporary accommodations (which are similar to your property) such as a hotel, extended stay or rental apartment
  • Additional food expenses, like eating out if your temporary residence does not have a kitchen and cooking facilities
  • Storage and relocation costs as determined by your policy—for belongings that must be removed from your home and boarding for your pets

It is important to understand that ALE only pays for expenses that you would not have incurred if the disaster or damage had not occurred. Contact your insurance agent to find out what type of coverage you have and file all your receipts as proof of your expenses. This will help process your claims faster.

Advantages of Living in an Extended Stay Unit

  • Excellent communities: At Corporate Housing Experts, we select locations that are attractive and convenient. Our communities are well-connected by transit and in close proximity to local schools and community facilities including hospitals, shopping and entertainment.
  • Home-like environment: When compared to a hotel or any other type of rental apartment, these rental units offer a broader range of amenities. Generous-sized, well-maintained accommodations with fully-equipped kitchens allow you the freedom and flexibility to maintain your lifestyle. When staying in our rentals, you do not have to worry about furniture, linen or housewares either. Our well-appointed furnished apartments and affordably-priced rental packages provide all for your needs.
  • 24-hour assistance: Should you require assistance, our staff is available 24/7 to attend to your needs. We provide all the amenities of a hotel but in a home-like setting and at more affordable rates.

At Corporate Housing Experts, we believe in making your stay with us as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Our system of providing one monthly bill for all services and utilities makes the expense-reporting process simple. Let our team of knowledgeable housing coordinators help you find your home-away-from-home.

Find the right temporary accommodation while repairing your flood or fire damaged home in Biloxi, MS and surrounding areas. Call us today at 800-990-7368 or contact us online to explore your options.