Transform Short-Term Corporate Housing into an Oasis

Traveling for business or being relocated for work can be a challenging process. While the new skills, career development, and expanded network are exciting, living in a new place and adjusting your routine can be difficult. The accommodation and neighborhood you stay in can have a big impact on your experience but it is up to you to make it your own. The essentials to feel comfortable, relaxed and balanced are different for each individual and may be connected to your personality, hobbies, or line of work.

Consider the items below to be sure that your packing list includes some lifestyle items for your new destination and life outside of work.

Use these 3 strategies to make your corporate housing feel like a personal paradise:

  • Entertainment: You won’t be surrounded by all of your worldly belongings, but you can at least enjoy your favorite entertainment. Whether you are a music buff or a bookworm, having old favorites or exciting new materials with you can make your time off in the new space feel much better. Transform your home into your own by filling the space with sounds from a familiar record or keeping a favorite movie on in the background. Whatever your passion or latest interest, some entertainment can make your relocation easier, more relaxed, and enjoyable.
  • Workout Gear or Swimwear: Try to find a corporate rental property with a pool, gym space, or nearby facilities so that you can keep up your level of fitness and take advantage of the great weather in Mississippi. Staying active and taking care of your health will allow you to perform better at work and feel more connected to your physical health and living space. Making time for and looking forward to your daily exercise regimen can help make your temporary accommodation an area for fun, relaxation, and personal time.
  • Bring Comfort Items: You won’t be packing all your belongings for a short-term corporate relocation, but that should not stop you from bringing your favorites and personal comfort items. Having a few personal preferences and familiar items can make a world of difference in making your rental unit an escape from the intensive daily work routine. Consider bringing specific house clothing, indoor shoes, scented candles or incense, and small packable items like picture frames or letters to help you feel grounded and connected to your other home. Favorite toiletries can also make you feel more comfortable as you settle in to a city.

Find a comfortable furnished apartment to ease the transition and make your new location feel like a home, even if it’s temporary. Corporate housing providers offer access to beautiful properties for large families and individual tenants. With several amenities and properties across Mississippi, our team can help you narrow down your search for a place to hang your hat during your extended stay. Finding the right lodging can have a big impact on your professional performance, personal experience, and well-being while traveling for work.


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