Top 6 Reasons Why More Companies are Choosing Corporate Housing in Hattiesburg, MS

Thousands of Americans travel within the country every year for work. Discerning business executives plan their stay at temporary accommodations with two main objectives – the rental should be economical and in a good location. Then come the other finer details – Does it have the amenities you need? Is it close to your work? How safe is it? And so on. With the different housing options available like hotels, motels, and corporate housing, companies must understand the needs of their employees before deciding which option to choose.

Corporate Housing Communities Are Becoming Popular Among Business Travelers in Hattiesburg, MS – Here’s Why

Hattiesburg is an exciting place to visit. If you are traveling for business or pleasure, you will love to explore its abundant art and architecture. It also has many good restaurants that serve fine cuisine. The city is known for its young student population and has two well-known universities – The University of Mississippi and William Carrey University. Hattiesburg, or HBURG as it is also known, is considered the Hub city of Mississippi. People are drawn to its low cost of living and tight-knit community.

Here are the top 6 reasons why furnished apartments in corporate housing communities are in demand in Hattiesburg, MS –

  1. Comforts of home at low upfront costs – When you travel for 30 days or more, you want to stay in a place that feels like home. Our rental units come with all the amenities like furniture, a fully functional kitchen to cook homemade meals, a washer/dryer, and a coffee machine.
  2. One bill –We provide all utilities like heating/air conditioning, water, power, gas, internet, and Wi-Fi, under a single bill for your convenience.
  3. Access to amenities – We understand your need to relax and refresh after a busy day at work. Our corporate housing communities have fully equipped fitness centers and swimming pools for you to continue your fitness regimen once you come back home. Moreover, our rental apartments are close to essentials like grocery stores and medical buildings.
  4. Flexible furnishing packages – We provide professionally created customizable furnishings packages saving you time and money while ensuring your comfort.
  5. Extendable lease terms – If you need to extend your stay due to any reason, rest assured we will help make this process as easy as possible. Moreover, you don’t need to commit to staying for an additional month. This can save you time, effort, and costs usually associated with last-minute extensions.
  6. Exceptional service – Feel free to ask our staff members anything related to your trip, and they will extend their warm southern hospitality while helping you find the answer. Many of our corporate housing communities in Hattiesburg and surrounding areas also have gated access, intrusion alarms, and 24-hour on-call emergency service at your disposal.

Explore Corporate Housing Communities in Hattiesburg, MS

Enjoy your stay in our private and quiet rental apartments. Head to the gym or the pool after your long day at work. Or look forward to your comfortable and spacious ‘home’ to rest every evening, no matter how hectic your day has been. It’s these little things that make living in one of our rental units a memorable experience.

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