Tips when Moving to a New City or State for Your Job —Corporate Housing Providers Make It Easier

Moving is never easy. Your to-do list grows exponentially the moment you know you are relocating. You need to pack up your belongings, sell your home, find a new place to live, change your address; find new doctors, and many more things. Adding family compounds all the tasks you must accomplish as your children may not be happy with leaving their friends. If an elderly parent lives with you, they may feel nervous about moving to a new city and home that is unfamiliar. Anything you can do to increase the likelihood of success starts with making a game plan and choosing extended stay options through trusted corporate housing providers.

Avoid worrying where you are going to lay your head in your new city. The team at Corporate Housing Experts helps employers and employees across the country find short-term apartments. We are committed to you and your family. One of our happy customers, Heather at AT&T agrees, “The commitment they show their customers is exceptional as is the customer service they provide.”

4 Suggestions to Make Your Relocation Easier for the Whole Family

Moving is not a simple affair, but it can be made easier with these suggestions:

  1. Research the City or Area Where You Are Moving: Check out employment opportunities for your spouse or partner. Find out more about the school systems for your children. You may want to get an idea of the different routes you will take to get to your new office. Remember that the costs of living vary across the country. It can be helpful for your family’s budget if you factor in the differences in items like taxes, gas, and insurance premiums.
  2. Visit if Possible: To get a real feel for your new city and state, take a few days to visit. Try to meet with new co-workers and get their opinions and insights to help make the transition much more manageable. Get to know your new home by checking out the local newspapers and community news using the internet, including social media groups.
  3. Make Use of All the Resources from Your Employer: Some employers offer relocation services. They can aid you in finding a home or may offer to put you in an extended stay apartment through corporate housing providers. Your company may also help sell your existing home. Ask for as many details as you can about the relocation. This may help with negotiating terms of your move and new position.
  4. Choose to Reside in a Corporate Housing Apartment: Choosing the best neighborhood while starting a new job can be overwhelming. Make things much smoother when you put your belongings in storage and stay in a fully furnished apartment. This will give you time to get acclimated to your new city.

Choose Corporate Housing Providers Who Care

Take the stress and concerns of relocating out of the picture when you choose Corporate Housing Experts as your housing provider. We understand the areas where our apartments are located. We are here to help you get established with the ins and outs of your new city and the best neighborhoods for your family. Count on us to make your transition easier for your entire family.

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