Tips to Stay in Shape While Living in Corporate Furnished Apartments

Often when we go on vacation, we tend to let our daily routines slide while we take in all the sights, sounds, and foods of our destination. Being on location for work can produce the same general mentality. You are out of your element, and routines can quickly take a back burner to the project you are working on in strange surroundings. You don’t have to let a different setting affect your established health and wellness habits, especially when you stay in furnished apartments, as you will find in corporate housing.

Corporate Housing Experts make living and working away from home easier and relaxing. We have many communities that offer you the amenities you require to eat right and exercise. From our fully furnished kitchens to our fitness rooms, we have the tools you need. We are committed to you, and our clients agree, “The commitment they show their customers is exceptional, as is the customer service they provide.” Find out for yourself when you call us to lease your short-term apartment.

4 Tips to Keep Traveler’s Weight Gain at Bay

Don’t let a change in scenery wreak havoc on your fitness goals. Here are four suggestions to help you keep in tip-top shape:

  1. Cook at Home: You may find that it is much easier to grab a bite to eat while on an assignment before heading back to your furnished apartment. This is a vacation where you can justify indulging in local fare. Instead, why not utilize your fully equipped kitchen for cooking healthy meals? Save money and your waistline by stocking your refrigerator full of the foods that will keep you on your path to a healthier you.
  2. Keep Moving: Stay up on your fitness goals by continuing your daily workouts in the exercise facilities on your community’s facilities or by using the high-speed Wi-Fi to grab a YouTube video. You may find that your temporary corporate apartment is within walking distance of your work assignment. If that is the case, consider walking to work. Also, take advantage of your weekend off-hours to take-in the sights of the city. You can hike, rent a bike, stroll through a museum, or swim laps in your apartment’s pool.
  3. Stay Hydrated: Drink lots of water. Sounds easy, doesn’t it. Yet, you may find that it’s much harder to do, especially if you are out of your everyday routines. Carry a refillable water bottle with you and refill it consistently throughout your day. Your skin and your brain will thank you for the extra hydration.
  4. Remember to Rest: Working away from home for extended periods can be a little stressful. You may find that you are working too much with hopes of getting home faster. Your body needs time to rest and rejuvenate from daily stresses. Besides taking weekends off, keep up with your daily routine of getting your body’s nightly requirement of sleep. Consistent sleep will aid your body and brain in your waking hours.

Don’t be a Couch Potato! Your Furnished Apartment Can Get You Moving

Leave the chips at the store and head down to the fitness room of your Corporate Housing Experts’ community. We take the hassle out of short-term housing with our furnished apartments. Enjoy many amenities and that home-away-from-home feeling while staying near your work location and the hot spots of your temporary city. We love sharing information about our cities, so give us a call for your next corporate apartment.

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