Tips for Summer Interns on Finding Short-Term Furnished Apartment Rentals

You have finished spring semester and now it is time to find a great internship opportunity in the city for your summer break. But, there is just one problem: you do not have a place to stay. Finding a suitable short-term, furnished apartment rental for interns can be a challenge. Interns and companies both face this challenge each year. Luckily, there are ways to make the search easier, whether you are a company finding housing for your interns or an intern looking around on your own.


How to Find the Perfect Short-Term Rental Apartment for Interns


Whether the internship is for one month or a few, comfortable housing is key. As an intern, you must be comfortable in the new setting and feel as though you have a place to call “home” while away from home. To find the ideal rental, interns and companies should consider a few things:


  • Furnished Apartment – Neither interns nor their employers have the time to furnish an apartment, especially for a short time period to cover the duration of the internship. Furnished units are the best way to go because they come ready-to-move-in.
  • Utilities Included – Do away with the hassle of setting up utility accounts. Save the time and money by finding intern housing that comes complete with utilities, Internet and cable TV.
  • Check On Lease Terms – Some intern accommodations offer short-term leases, but with many strings attached. Look for a short-term lease that is 30 days and does not increase rates dramatically with each renewal. In case your month-long internship turns into three months, you should not have to worry about lease rates on your short-term, furnished apartment.
  • Location – For some interns, bringing a car to the city they are working in for the summer is not an option. It is important, therefore, that the short-term rental should be close to public transit or within walking distance of where they are working.
  • Book Early – There is not just one company offering summer internships—it is a busy time with many employers and interns looking for intern housing. So, to get the best housing for summer internships, you should aim to secure your short-term rentals before June.


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