Tips for Settling into Corporate Rentals

Many people utilize temporary housing for a variety of reasons. Some are business travelers in town for a few weeks or months. Some may be military families waiting on base housing to open up. Others are graduate students or interns in for a few semesters or over the summer. The reasons are many, but the struggles are the same. Corporate rentals don’t have to be sterile and stark. How do you make a short-term apartment feel like home when it isn’t?

You can settle in quite nicely with a few simple steps. Corporate Housing Experts are happy to help your transition. Our team is always available to answer questions, find you the right apartment for your requirements, and get you what you need in a timely fashion to make your stay comfortable.

5 Suggestions to Make Your Short-Term Apartment Homey

Settle in nicely with these five suggestions:

  1. Pack Only What You Need: You may want to bring everything you own but it’s easier if you practice restraint and bring only what you need. You don’t want to clutter your temporary digs. You can have family send you the few items you may find you need later. So leave the off-season clothing at home. Avoid dragging in little-used kitchen equipment when your fully furnished kitchen will have everything you need.
  2. Choose a Furniture Package that Fits Your Style: Furnished corporate rentals have couches, tables, beds, and more. You don’t have to bring along any furniture if you don’t want to. You can find the right furniture package to fit your style, needs, and budget. Ask the Corporate Housing Experts about your options.
  3. Unpack Everything You Brought: Make your short-term apartment homey from the beginning by unpacking the items you did bring. Set things up in your bathroom just the way you like to use them in the morning. Put a favorite throw blanket across the provided couch for snuggling down with a bowl of popcorn and a movie. Try not to live out of boxes during your stay. It will only frustrate you and make you homesick.
  4. Feel Free to Add Your Own Touches with Decorations: There may be some decorations already in your apartment when you get there. As you explore your new city, you’ll find items that you know will look great on your dining table. Adding your personal flair with art and décor is a perfect solution for settling into your home away from home.
  5. Meet Your Neighbors: Why not make new friends while in your temporary city? You can invite new co-workers or neighbors over for a light lunch and conversation or cocktails. Entertaining gives you the chance to meet new people and learn more about the area and places to check out.

Transition into Corporate Rentals Easily – Talk to Corporate Housing Experts

Make your transition seamless when you transform your short-term corporate rental into a comfortable home away from home. The team from Corporate Housing Experts stand ready to help with furniture packages and tips on the best places to eat. We know the communities we serve and love to share all the good things our cities have to offer. We’re committed to you, as our client Heather can attest to, “The commitment they show their customers is exceptional as is the customer service they provide.” Check us out today!

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