Tips for Coworkers Staying Together in Corporate Rentals

Temporary assignments are not always a solo project. In fact, they often are meant to be completed as teams where you and your coworkers travel, stay and work together. Traveling with colleagues can be fun and a great way to get to know the people you work with better. To ensure a happy, fun experience while you and a few coworkers stay in rental accommodations together, you can prepare ahead of time.


How to Enjoy Your Stay with Coworkers in the Same Rental Home

Sharing a corporate rental is cost-effective for your company, but that may not make it easy on you. A few ways you can make it easier include:


  • Figure Out How to Split Expenses Before You Move In – Before you even depart for your work trip, you and the coworkers traveling together should sit down and discuss expenses. While your company may reimburse or even cover expenses such as travel, meals and your stay, there are other things that could come out-of-pocket. Everyone should understand the reimbursement policy for travel expenses and then take steps to ensure that costs which are not covered are split fairly.
  • Give Everyone their Own Space – While you want to be friendly, everyone needs some space to themselves. Be social, get to know one another, but also give everyone some “alone time” each day; whether that is in their bedrooms or giving them space to have the living room to themselves.
  • Try Not to Share Everything! – Do not share too much or get too personal with coworkers. Remember that it is a business trip and you still have to work with those people daily when you get back to the office. Avoid anything that could embarrass you later or make it awkward to work together.
  • Do Not Make It All About Work – It is easy to get wrapped up in work, but you and your coworkers should make a point of taking the time to explore the area you are visiting. This is a great team-building experience as well.
  • When There is Tension, Back Away – Do not let negative feelings fester and try to avoid tension. If one coworker seems to be upset, see what you can do to eliminate their animosity or simply back away and give them space.


The best way to make traveling with coworkers easy is to ensure everyone has alone time, and that means finding a rental unit that is big enough to accommodate everyone. Corporate Housing Experts can help you find corporate rentals that are spacious, comfortable and fully furnished.


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