The Pros and Cons of Furnished Apartments in Jackson, Biloxi, Gulfport and Hattiesburg, MS

Whether you are traveling to the area or in between homes, you may be considering furnished apartments as an option. As with any housing decision, it is always best to consider the pros and cons before you enter into any lease contracts.

First Consider What is Furnished

There are plenty of listings out there for furnished apartments in Jackson, Biloxi, Gulfport and Hattiesburg, MS, but just how well-provided are they? Before assuming a well-equipped apartment means it comes with everything, read the fine print. Some companies may include all furniture, housewares and even décor, while others charge extra for these.

Advantages of Furnished Apartments

  • Moving Made Easier – Now you do not have to worry about moving furniture into your temporary space (or across state borders). Instead, you have a place to stay that is already equipped and ready for you to walk in with your luggage.
  • No Buying Necessary – When you take advantage of houseware packages, you will not have to buy much at all, if anything. These houseware packages can include everything from a TV to a coffee pot to cooking utensils.
  • It Is an Ideal Short-Term Solution – If you are staying somewhere short-term, even if it is for a few months, why move your furniture? It is more cost-effective to simply rent a place with furniture than deal with the time and financial stress associated with moving your old furniture, unpacking and then moving again.
  • The Place Is Still Yours – You can decorate a well-equipped apartment to make it feel more like it is your own; regardless of how long you plan to stay.

The Downside of Furnished Apartments

  • Rent Prices May be Higher – This is not always the case, but often rental prices are slightly higher to account for the furniture. However, it is often cheaper than renting furniture from a secondary source in addition to renting the apartment.

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