Temporary Move Checklist When Transitioning to Corporate Rentals

When it comes to enjoyable activities, moving probably ranks near the bottom of the list for most of us. You’re unlikely to find anyone who relishes the idea of packing up, renting a moving truck, and all the different requirements that go with moving. It can seem worse when your relocation is only temporary. If you’re taking the perfect internship in Jackson, Mississippi, finding a place to live in an area of the city convenient to your new assignment can be challenging. When you consider all the additional steps required, that exciting internship may not look quite so good unless you choose corporate rentals as your landing pad.

5 Steps for Making Your Temporary Relocation Go Smoothly

Having a checklist is a great place to start when you are moving to a new city temporarily. Here are a few things to consider to make things much simpler for you:

  1. Understand the Different Living Options Available: You have many different options to choose from, like corporate rentals, Airbnb, and extended-stay hotels which are top considerations. If you’re not sure what the differences are, here is a simple breakdown:
    • Extended Stay Hotels: As the name implies, it is a hotel that is set up with some suites that include smaller appliances, a table, and a sofa in addition to a bed. They generally lack in-unit laundry facilities and larger appliances like a stove.
    • Airbnb: This option allows you to rent a room or an entire home. There can be additional stipulations, and amenities may be lacking.
    • Furnished Short-Term Apartment: This option allows you to combine privacy and amenities, like a full kitchen, in-unit laundry facilities, and workout studios. Also, you can personalize your temporary accommodation to feel more at home.
  2. Sort, Purge, and Pack: As with any move, even temporary ones, you will need to take your belongings with you. The difference is you can’t take everything you own with you. You will want to sort through items to determine what to take, what you will store, and what to sell or trash. If you’re moving into a furnished apartment, you get by with your clothes and some personal things that will make you feel at home. After sorting and purging, you can pack accordingly.
  3. Store or Sell Your Items: Based on how long your move will last, you’ll need to either store or sell those belongings not going with you. In general, if your move is for a short period and you plan on returning to your current home or city, storage might be your best option. However, if you are not sure how long you will be gone or are not returning to your current city, you may want to sell those items you’re not taking with you. Be sure to inventory what is being placed in your storage unit.
  4. Rent a Moving Truck or Arrange Shipping: If everything you want to take will not fit in your car, consider renting a moving van or hiring a moving company. You will want to make a complete inventory and clearly label all storage containers and moving boxes. This will make things much simpler when you unpack.
  5. Final Steps: You will have several loose ends to handle, such as:
    • Visiting your doctor to refill prescriptions
    • Pausing or canceling your utilities
    • Emptying your refrigerator
    • Forwarding your mail
    • Visiting with friends before the big moving day

Pick the Easiest Option – Choose Corporate Housing Experts

Moving doesn’t have to be hard when you choose to utilize a short-term apartment from Corporate Housing Experts. As our customers note, we make the process easy, “Corporate Housing Experts made my short-term relocation effortless!” You can enjoy being stress-free with your move into our corporate rentals.

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