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Maintain a Healthy Routine When You Stay in Furnished Apartments on Business Trips to Biloxi, MS

As busy executives, military personnel, or entrepreneurs who travel frequently, the disruption to your daily routines can wreak havoc on your health. Sleeps patterns are interrupted. The additional stress of being away from home can frustrate your meditation time. Quite frankly, relaxation and health care can be hard while on the road. For those extended […]

Furnished Apartments Fit the Trends of Today’s Millennial Business Traveler

Corporate executives who travel frequently for business today have an entirely different set of expectations than their predecessors. Traditionally, most corporations would have a travel agency on retainer or a designated travel department to handle the needs of their nomadic employees. Nowadays, technology-driven team members require different options to meet their needs. Tack on the […]

Skip a Stark Hotel Room — Enjoy Convenient Amenities When You Rent Furnished Apartments

Business travel can be grueling and staying away from family is stressful. When you have intermittent wireless hotel internet, it is difficult to stay connected with family. Add living in a stark hotel room for weeks on end, and you have low morale. Being unable to keep your clothes fresh fuels frustration. When you have […]

Provide Furnished Apartments for Your Employees Traveling to Jackson, Gulfport, MS-See Greater Productivity and Enhanced Performance!

Arranging for your employees to check into a hotel may seem like a logical choice. It’s easy to assume they will only be sleeping in their room, not necessarily working in it. Most of their meals will be on the go or in the office, so there’s no need for a kitchen, right? While booking […]