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Reduce Jet Lag with the Comforts of Extended Stay in Jackson

Airline travel can wreak havoc on your body.You have a natural rhythm that gets thrown out of order during long flights. Travel across too many time zones,and you may find yourself extraordinarily exhausted and suffering from indigestion, bowel problems, loss of appetite, or memory and concentration issues. Each person reacts differently,and recovery depends on the […]

Running on Travel Burnout? Tips to Rejuvenate Yourself During an Extended Stay in Mississippi

Life on the road can be tough. Often frequent business travelers suffer from traveler burnout, including relationship stress, reduced sleep quality, and a weakened immune system. You might think you are powerless to stop the symptoms of burnout, but that is not true. From using a packing list to renting a corporate extended stay suite, […]

Things to See and Do During Your Extended Stay in Mississippi

Vacations are the best times for sightseeing. If you happen to be a seasoned business traveler, any work-related trip offers an opportunity for you to get out and discover the city you are in. Why wait for a vacation to enjoy some leisure time? The opportunities to explore Mississippi during your stay are practically endless. […]

Why Struggle with Storage Space in a Hotel Room? Enjoy More Comfort in Extended Stay Apartments across Jackson and Biloxi, MS

Working away from home can be lonely, especially when you are away from your family and friends. It helps to have a few personal items with you that add meaning to your life. However, the lack of familiarity in a hotel room does not help make your stay feel like a home away from home. […]

Go Local: Get a Real Sense of Jackson, Mississippi on Your Extended Stay

Traveling for work may bring some excitement when the experience is new. Frequent business trips, however, mean too much time away from home and family, plus the discomfort of living out of suitcases. The appeal of a new location can quickly wear off if you never really get to explore the area. If you have […]

Should You Rent or Buy Housewares and Furniture for Your Extended Stay in Mississippi?

Whether your extended stay in Mississippi is for a few weeks or a few months, one pressing question you will have is whether you should buy or rent everything you need to make your stay comfortable. At first glance, housewares are relatively inexpensive to buy, but is purchasing a new set of everything you already […]