Simple tips to Keep Your Apartment Tidy

Not a lot of people enjoy cleaning. It is often viewed as tedious work and a killjoy. It’s easier to ignore it and overlook dust bunnies when you’re at home. However, working on location brings a different sense of cleaning responsibility. You suddenly want to have your place ‘company ready’ so you can avoid embarrassment if a co-worker pops in to work on a project or to have dinner. Most corporate-furnished apartments have professional cleaners to keep things clean. What do you do if you don’t want outside help, or you want to ensure things look good in between cleanings? The answer is to implement a cleaning routine so you don’t have to spend precious off time washing the tub or sweeping the floor.

Easy Cleaning Schedule for a Tidy Furnished Apartment

Part of making your furnished apartment in Hattiesburg, MS, feel like home includes regular cleaning. You should still pick up your socks and wet towels from the floor but you don’t want to spend all of your time working and cleaning when there’s a new city to explore. Here is an easy schedule to keep things light (mix and match to fit your schedule):

  1. Daily:
    • Kitchen: Wash dishes, vacuum or mop floor, wipe down shelves, countertops, and stove top, clean any spills, and throw out the trash
    • Living Room: Pick up around the rooms, clean off the coffee table, straighten up the sofa pillows
    • Bedroom: Make the bed, put away clothes, clear away nightstand
    • Bathroom: Clean and disinfect the sink
  2. Weekly:
    • All rooms: Vacuum and mop all floors, wipe down all surfaces, take out the trash
    • Kitchen: Clean out the refrigerator of expired or spoiled food, and clean the oven, microwave, coffee maker, and toaster
    • Bathroom: Clean the faucets, shower, toilet, and mirrors, and mop the floor
    • Bedroom: Dust, change sheets, clean the floor

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