Sick of Turkey? Meal Ideas to Make Between Christmas and New Year’s

The holidays offer many opportunities to be with family and friends. Those encounters often include food and an infinite amount of leftovers. Whether you are staying in furnished apartments in Jackson, MS, for work, leisure, or while your home is renovated, one question needs answering. What should you make when you’re tired of turkey but you have another get-together happening on New Year’s Day? Most of us can only make so many different turkey recipes before turning green at the thought of taking another bite! You don’t have to eat leftovers daily for the six days between Christmas and New Year’s. Instead, you can choose some new recipes and get ready to ring in the New Year in with gusto and a great taste in your mouth!

4 Simple Dinners that Are NOT Turkey Leftovers

Corporate housing offers many benefits, including a fully furnished kitchen in which to make these recipes:

  1. Pizza Potato Toppers: What’s more filling than a baked potato? Potato topped with meat, sauce, and cheese. It’s both tasty and a great way to use up leftover potatoes.
  2. Cheddar Ham Soup: Technically, if you had ham for Christmas, you would be using holiday leftovers. But soup is satisfying, especially if you serve it with crusty bread or in a bread bowl.
  3. Garlic Lemon Shrimp: This recipe pulls you from the mundane poultry and meats into the beautiful world of pasta and seafood. Spice up the evening with some good food and a glass of your favorite wine.
  4. Hearty Vegetarian Chili: Why not pick chili when you want something comforting, yet meatless? Portobello mushrooms give you a “meat” flavor and great texture without adding meat.

Good Eats Start in a Well-Equipped Kitchen from Corporate Housing Experts

Staying in a furnished apartment in Jackson, MS, has many perks. One in particular, is having a well-equipped kitchen where you can cook up your favorite recipes. You can get precisely what you need with one phone call to Corporate Housing Experts. We have many different furniture packages to ensure your apartment feels homey while you are on assignment or waiting for base housing to open. Our communities are situated where you want to be, with easy access to shopping, community events, and parks.

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