Save Your Company Money with Corporate Lodging in Jackson, MS

If you’re in charge of planning your employees’ housing while working offsite, you know that business travel can be expensive. From airfare to taxis, hotels to eating out, the expenses add up quickly. How do you cut costs without leaving your team scrounging for accommodations? You could choose to have all your meetings online. However, not everything can be done from afar. When you need to show up in person, you need other financially feasible options.

Save your company money while increasing your employee’s comfort level by choosing corporate lodging in Jackson, MS. Extended stays doesn’t have to mean cramped hotel rooms with costly and unhealthy takeout food. When you work with Corporate Housing Experts, you can find the perfect location near your team and give them the space they need to remain productive on the road.

5 Ways Corporate Lodging Eases Your Company’s Expenses

 Ready to save some money? Check out these five ways that corporate rentals save your organization money:

  1. Furnished Apartments Cost Less than Hotels: Booking hotels for extended stays results in much higher overall expenses. Think about those times that you have to book a hotel in a popular vacation destination during the height of theseason. Did you cringe when you got the final bill? That’s not the case when you choose corporate housing for all your company’s short-term housing needs.
  2. Sharing an Apartment Spreads the Expenses Across Multiple Employees: Instead of searching and booking several rooms for multiple team members, choose extended stay corporate lodging in the Jackson, MS area. Most corporate apartments come with two or more bedrooms. Imagine paying one fee but housing two to four of your team members. Additionally, you can find communities in convenient proximity to where employees need to be.
  3. No Need to Book Hotel Meeting Rooms: Sometimes on-location employees need to gather together to hash over their notes and make game plans and trying to squeeze into one hotel room can be frustrating. Booking a hotel meeting room only adds to the overall cost of the trip. Corporate apartments offer the space needed and often come with access to printers, desks, high-speed Internet, and more.
  4. Food Costs Are Reduced: Per diems can get pricey from a company’s viewpoint, but with today’s prices, it won’t go far for your employees. Eating out every day over an extended period is expensive and can get tiresome. With a fully furnished kitchen, it’s less costly to purchase and prepare food from the grocery store.
  5. Increased Productivity from Your Team: Given the choice, who would want to put their feet up in a cramped hotel room versus a spacious apartment? Most of us would prefer spreading out over a dining room table or desk and leaving the bedroom free of work clutter. The simple choice of corporate lodging will give your team the ability to get things done while still having a ‘home’ life while on the road.

Save Money and Increase Employee Satisfaction with Corporate Housing Experts

No more scouring the Internet looking for the best deals on tiny hotel rooms. The team at Corporate Housing Experts are dedicated to assisting you in finding a fantastic community in Jackson, MS, and across the state with the right amenities to keep your employees happy. Our happy customers like KJ agree, “You always make finding housing for my employees easy on me!”Contact us today and discover our exceptional customer service for yourself.

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