Rent a Furnished Apartment for Grad Schoolor Internship

Choosing to go to grad school is an important decision for your career, as is taking on an internship. You get to learn and make new connections that will assist you for many years to come. Deciding where to live during this time is also essential, especially when you’re still living on a college student’s income.

Rent a furnished apartment and know you’ve made the best choice for your grad school years. The team from Corporate Housing Experts stand ready to help you find the best community with the perfect furniture package so that you can hit the floor running. Talk to us about your needs and let us assist you as you take this vital step for your future.

5 Reasons a Furnished Unit is the Best Choice

Choosing a furnished apartment is easier when you consider these five reasons:

  1. No Need to Buy Furniture: After living in the dorms for your undergrad studies, you probably don’t have much furniture. On a grad student’s stipend, making a huge purchase for a couch and chairs is perhaps out of the question. You don’t need to worry about finding reasonably priced furniture when you rent a furnished apartment.
  2. No Need to Move Furniture: It is much easier to set up a house when you don’t have to lug a bunch of boxes and furniture around. Who wants to rent a moving van to drive hundreds of miles or load up your dad’s pick-up truck when your loveseat and coffee table are waiting for your arrival?
  3. Many Choices to Fit Your Style: Do you have a specific style? Maybe you do; perhaps you don’t. By viewing different packages, you can find the right fit for your tastes and needs. You can even bring some personal items that tie it all together.
  4. Everything Wrapped Up in Your Lease Payment: There is much to be said about the convenience of having everything wrapped up in one payment. You have things to do. Classes to attend. Research to conduct or patients to see. Make grad life much simpler with a furnished apartment.
  5. Utilities Are Ready to Go When You Move In: Setting up services such as water, electricity, trash, and the internet can be a hassle. An extended stay unit has everything ready for you when you move in. There is no need to wait on hold and fork over deposit money when you choose to lease from Corporate Housing Experts.

Love Your Furnished Apartment – Corporate Housing Experts Makes it Easy!

Enjoy grad school or your internship when you choose to rent a furnished apartment from the Corporate Housing Experts team. We love to help people with their transitions to new adventures, and we’re excited to help you. Our communities are located in convenient areas and often close to public transportation lines. Check us out and see why our customers love working with us.

KJ loves how easy we make the process, “You always make finding housing for my employees easy on me!” We can make your grad school housing process easy, too. Give us a call.

We’re positive you will love our communities and want to tell your friends. Check out our Buddy Bucks program to earn some money back.

Call (601) 981-7368 to connect with our friendly and knowledgeable team, or contact us online to ask about renting furnished apartments in Mississippi.