Renovating Your House? Stay in Corporate Apartments

Taking on a major home renovation is not easy, especially if the reason for the work is due to a natural disaster. After losing everything, you have plenty on your mind, such as where you’ll stay until your home is livable again. You do have options. For example, you can rent a recreational vehicle, stay in a hotel, or choose corporate apartments in Jackson, MS. You might be surprised to know that corporate lodging isn’t just for business people. Military families, students, and even displaced homeowners take advantage of this short-term solution. If you’re stressed over where your family will lay their heads during this time, consider a fully furnished, extended stay apartment.

5 Reasons to Stay in Corporate Housing during a Home Renovation

A natural disaster isn’t the only reason you may need to find temporary living arrangements. You may decide to take on a major home renovation that requires the utilities to be off for extended periods, or the excessive dust may affect allergy sufferers. In either case, here are five reasons why you should consider utilizing corporate apartments:

  1. Leasing Options Are Flexible: Corporate housing offers leasing options starting at 30-days. Since it can be hard to determine the exact amount of time needed, you can rent on a month-to-month basis.
  2. Different Square Footage to Meet Your Needs: Whether it’s only you or your entire family, choose from one, two, or three-bedroom apartments to make life more comfortable than living in a hotel.
  3. Fully Furnished and Equipped: Who wants to pack up all your belongings, hire a rental truck, pack it up, and unload it? When it’s time to move to your finished home, you don’t have to pack up the apartment. Instead, a fully furnished apartment lets you enjoy comfortable furniture without all the boxes and hauling things around.
  4. Utilities Wrapped Up in Your Rent: You don’t have to worry about paying deposits and getting the lights turned on. They already are! Your utilities are part of the leasing package, so you make one convenient payment.
  5. Helpful Staff: The team at Corporate Housing Experts loves assisting our clients. We have personal knowledge of each community and work to find the best fit for your needs.

Gain Peace of Mind during Your Home Rehab with Corporate Housing Experts’ Help

Ensure your family is comfortable during your home renovation or new build when you choose to lease a corporate apartment from Corporate Housing Experts. Our communities offer many amenities, as well as the ease and convenience you deserve until the dust settles. We make it super simple for you. Here is what one of our clients had to say, “Corporate Housing Experts made my short-term relocation effortless!” We can do that for you, too, so call us today!

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