Pros and Cons of Corporate Housing Companies versus Airbnb

With business travel becoming increasingly frequent today, the choice of where to stay is always a vital issue to address. Whatever the number of days your travel entails, important aspects to consider are location, comfort, space, privacy, convenience and cost.

Today, corporate housing companies and Airbnb have both gained significant popularity. Making the right choice suited to your needs can sometimes put you in a dilemma.

Points to consider when choosing business travel accommodations:

  • Variety and Choice: Airbnb offers a wide range of listings, from a single room apartment to entire homes or even a refurbished garage, but more often than not, they are located away from business centers. Listings vary from property to property and host to host.

Corporate housing companies offer options suited to business travelers and are mostly located around the hub of business activities and city centers. While your choices may not include always as much variety as Airbnb listings, these providers are more focused on a business traveler’s requirements.

  • Comfort: Airbnb hosts often ask travelers to bring in their own linens and houseware. After a day at work, you could perhaps wind up on an air mattress, couch or an uncomfortable bed that would leave you yearning for rest.

Extended stay units offer the comforts of home to keep you relaxed. Professionally managed services like housekeeping can make your stay stress free. High speed Wi-Fi is guaranteed. Furniture packages offered with the unit can be customized to suit your needs.

  • Professionally managed:While personal touch by an Airbnb host can make a stay memorable, it could also be marred by an uncaring host and this can be a spoiler! The biggest concerns for travelers may be that the property does not match the description, or that the host is unresponsive to guests’ needs.

Rental accommodation providers for business travelers have dedicated staff to ensure your stay meets your expectations.

  • Communication:With Airbnb bookings, there is usually a time lag in communication with the host for any issues that require attention. On the other hand, well-staffed companies have a team ready to assist you.

An Airbnb stay can create a unique experience each time but it is dependent on individual hosts and thereby inconsistent, versus established rental housing providers that follow a standard and live up to their promise.

At Corporate Housing Experts, we make every effort to ensure you feel at home. Furniture and interior amenities at affordable prices provide for a comfortable, convenient stay.

Make the right choice! You can start searching for apartment rentals online today.

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