Planning a Group Vacation? Savvy Travelers Choose Extended Stay Apartments

You have planned the perfect vacation for the entire family. From distant relatives you have only seen at Christmas to your overly chatty aunt, you are going to have an epic family vacation.

However, the thought of cramming everyone into a single hotel room just does not sit well with you. No one will have their personal space. People will bump elbows using the bathroom and while you plan to spend a lot of time outside, those evenings indoors need to be comfortable. More so, you do not want to spread out between multiple hotel rooms. Instead, you want everyone in one big place.

This is where extended stay apartments in Jackson, Mississippi can help. So, instead of fretting about the hotel scene, pat yourself on the back and take credit for giving your family the numerous advantages of staying in furnished rental accommodation.

Benefits of Extended Stay Apartments Over a Hotel

There are dozens of reasons to opt for furnished housing over a hotel, but some highlights include:

  • You get living spaces in addition to rooms (i.e. living rooms, extra bathrooms, and kitchens).
  • You still have amenities like hotels, including pools and workout centers.
  • You will be in the heart of the area, but still away from the busier freeway zones.
  • You can have everyone in a single apartment instead of spread out among several hotel rooms.
  • When everyone shares the same rental unit, you will actually reduce costs for the trip as a whole.

As you can see, a rental apartment just makes sense financially and ensures comfort for your entire group.

A Few More Pro Planning Tips for Your Group Vacation

Now that you have accommodations organized, here are a few more travel tips to help your group vacation go smoothly:

  1. Designate “Specialists” – Have those in the family who are “specialists” create an itinerary for their area. For example, the wine connoisseur can pick the bars, while the family “mom” can plan out activities for the children. No matter what, have that itinerary completed before you set out from home.
  2. Get a List of “Must-Dos” from Everyone – There will be places everyone wants to see, and as the organizer, it is your job to get as many of those in as possible. Have everyone give you their wish list and try to incorporate those items into the plan.
  3. Consider Budget – Everyone has a vacation budget. Whether you are traveling with friends, family or both, pick events and activities everyone can afford.

To find an extended stay apartment in the Jackson, Mississippi area, contact Corporate Housing Experts. Our team can find you a furnished rental ready to accommodate your family, friends or even your school group traveling for the summer.

Call Corporate Housing Experts at 800-990-7368 to find a property or contact us online to explore your options.


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