Moving Suddenly? Furnished Apartments to the Rescue!

In corporate life, moving is not always planned and may sometimes come upon you without much notice. Whether it is because you were offered a new job opportunity, temporary assignment, your company location is moving or you want to be closer to the kids and their university, a sudden move can be stressful. You will have many loose ends to tie up and not a lot of time to get it all done. Add to that the task of finding suitable accommodation in the new place and you have some more stress to deal with.

If you are moving to Mississippi, furnished apartments in Gulfport, Jackson, Biloxi and Hattiesburg will make life a lot easier. You can stop worrying about all the items you need to bring in order to make a comfortable home away from home. Focus instead on wrapping up professional and personal matters in your current place of residence properly.

Rental Apartments with Furniture and Furnishings

There is only so much you can pack and bring to your new location; so it can be quite a relief when all you have to bring along are clothes and personal items rather than half your household. If you rent an apartment through Corporate Housing Experts, you can opt for our rental packages that include housewares and furniture. Enjoy these key advantages:

  • Be Comfortable – Compared to a hotel, these extended stay apartments for rent are much more home-like. You are not cramped into a space that has a small kitchenette (or no kitchen at all) and you are not sharing walls with tenants that are just in town for the weekend. Whether you stay a few weeks or an entire year, you will find these units more comfortable than a hotel room.


  • Minimizing Expenses – When you first relocate to a new area, you could quickly spend more than your planned budget just trying to get comfortable. Finding all the amenities you need in hotels, eating out, etc. can all add up. Instead, when the essentials are already taken care of in your rental accommodation, you save on those costs because you get a low rate plus the opportunity to shop for groceries and eat at home.


  • Safer Neighborhoods – Our team is knowledgeable about various neighborhoods in Gulfport, Jackson, Biloxi and Hattiesburg, MS. You can trust that when you book your stay through us, we will find suitable housing for you in safe neighborhoods throughout these cities. This will allow you greater peace of mind if you are relocating alone or even with the entire family.


  • Access to Public Transport – We understand that when you move to a new town or city, you are likely to use public transport as well as other public amenities. Staying far away without easy access to these facilities will only end up costing you too much and you will spend time trying to navigate your way around an unfamiliar city. We provide units for rent that are close to public transit hubs and local amenities that you will need.


  • Convenience – If your move is sudden, you will not have the luxury of time to visit your new location multiple times just to find a place to stay. The best option is to rent a furnished apartment until you are familiar with the area. You will find this a significant convenience that minimizes the stress of your unexpected relocation.


If you find yourself facing a relocation unexpectedly, do not worry. The team at Corporate Housing Experts is here to help.

Trust in our team to help you and your loved ones make your unexpected move in a stress-free, efficient and cost-effective manner. Call us at 800-990-7368 or contact us online to explore your options.