Make Your Temporary Apartment Feel More Like Home with Furniture Rental

Packing your belongings for a temporary move can be challenging. What items absolutely must be packed and what can you leave behind? Typically, most travelers, whether traveling for work or a personal reason, will need to carry the essentials, such as clothing, personal items, work-related electronics, documents and equipment. When you are done packing all these essentials, it is rare to have room for anything else.

So how will you make your rental accommodation feel like home? Rather than keep it bare and live uncomfortably, you can opt for rental services and enjoy most of the conveniences and comforts you have at home.

At Corporate Housing Experts, we understand how difficult it is to be away from home and often, from your family and friends too. Even a short duration of three months may seem like a really long time if you are homesick and uncomfortable. We have an easy solution for you—book your apartments with us and take advantage of housewares and furniture packages in Jackson, Biloxi, Hattiesburg, MS to settle in properly into your home away from home.

The Benefits of Renting Furniture for Your Apartment

Transform your corporate housing into a personalized space with the right set of furniture and housewares. You should consider renting if:

  • You need furniture for three months or longer
  • It does not make financial sense to bring along your own housewares and furniture
  • You want to avoid the expense of purchasing the basics such as beds, tables, chairs, desks and wardrobes for a temporary stay
  • You are relocating only temporarily
  • Your location may change again in the near future

Here are some of the most common and important reasons traveling business professionals opt to rent in their extended stay apartments:

  1. You can rent pieces that match your personal style so you do not feel as though you are staying in someone else’s home.
  2. You can help remove the feeling of bare space that is typical of many temporary stay apartments.
  3. You can maintain your lifestyle and enjoy life’s transitions without feeling homesick.
  4. You can change out furniture and housewares as needed to match the seasons.
  5. You are not stuck with the added expense of purchasing as you will not need when your assignment is up.
  6. You can leave your personal belongings at home so that they are not at risk of being damaged during multiple relocations.

At Corporate Housing Experts, we want to help make your temporary stay as home-like as possible. With our package, you can get everything from a bed to living room furniture to vacuums, artwork, kitchen equipment and even towels. We can customize a package to suit your needs so that regardless of how long you are here to stay; it always feels like you are at home.

Use our furniture rental service in Jackson, Biloxi, Hattiesburg, MS. Call us at 800-990-7368 or contact us online to explore your options.