Make the Most of Your Jackson, MS Internship – Choose Furnished Apartments for Your Summer Adventure

Many college students make the most of their college career with a summer internship or two. The opportunity to work for their dream company drives many to head out to cities they’ve never visited before. If you are a student or intern seeking an internship in Jackson, MS, one of the many items on your to-do list is to find housing. You will want a suitable place not far from where you’ll be working. Staying in a hotel is not a reasonable choice as this can get very expensive. There are youth hostels that may serve the purpose, but if you want a private residence that has a few important conveniences and amenities, then consider a furnished apartment.

Choose a comfortable and convenient apartment available through Corporate Housing Experts. We can help you make the most of your time in Jackson. Enjoy all the city has to offer while having a cozy home base to return to after a long day in the office. We can point you to the best places for fun and food that is reasonably priced when you are on an intern’s budget.

5 Reasons to Choose Furnished Apartments

Interns are not the only ones who can benefit from using furnished apartments. College students looking for off-campus housing will love the privacy and freedom our communities bring. Here are some reasons why you should choose short-term housing with Corporate Housing Experts:

  • Flexible leasing: The purpose of short-term housing is to offer a place for you to live for short periods, such as 30-90 days. This is a perfect option for the summer, a semester, or a winter session.
  • Furniture and appliances may be included: It would not be ‘furnished’ without the furniture and appliances to make life comfortable. We carry different rental packages to fit your needs and budget.
  • Save money: You can save money on your utilities and wireless internet since it is included in the rent. Save more – when you buy your own groceries and cook in your stocked kitchen. Also, you can have roommates to spread out the overall costs.
  • Become the hangout place: Enjoy making new friends and inviting them over for a homecooked meal. Maybe your pad can become the regular hangout place for watching football games! Either way, your home-away-from-home is the perfect place to make fellow interns a little less homesick.
  • Amenities abound: You don’t need to spend extra money on a gym membership. Many of our communities have onsite exercise equipment and swimming pools. Additionally, you can enjoy off-street parking in safe neighborhoods.

Enjoy the Comfort of Home in Jackson, MS with Furnished Apartments

Check housing off your list when you choose a furnished apartment in a community made accessible to you by Corporate Housing Experts in Jackson, MS. Enjoy flexible leasing and comfortable furnishings while saving money. We have a variety of apartments in convenient locations to make your internship easier. Contact us today!

Call (601) 981-7368 to connect with our friendly and knowledgeable team, or contact us online to ask about furnished apartments in Jackson, MS.