“Is a Television Included When You Rent a Furnished Apartment?” – and Other FAQs

When you are looking to relocate or must take an assignment in a new city, you want a comfortable and affordable place to stay. The standard options include hotels, Airbnb, and corporate housing apartments. Each has its merits depending on your needs and length of stay. However, extended stay apartments offer many additional benefits. You can rent a furnished apartment in beautiful Jackson, MS, and enjoy your home away from home.


Common Questions When Leasing a Furnished Apartment


Furnished apartments are an excellent choice if you are going on an extended vacation, attending grad school, or on assignment for your employer. It’s common to have questions about this type of extended stay accommodations. Here are answers to four typical questions asked about living in a furnished apartment in Jackson, MS:


  1. What Kind of Furnishings Are Included? A furnished apartment includes standard items for all rooms. The living room will have a couch, tables, and a television. The kitchen will have a refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, and small appliances. You can also get pots, pans, bakeware, dishes, and utensils. Your bathroom will include a shower curtain at a minimum, with some having a bathmat, toothbrush holder, tissue holder, soap dispenser, and wastebasket.
  2. Do I Have Any Choices in the Style of Furniture? Corporate housing providers understand the desire for their clients to express themselves while living in their rental apartments. That is why they offer different furniture packages to meet most preferences. Customization is critical and the right company will work with you to get you what you desire.
  3. What Appliances Are in the Apartment? You can expect your kitchen to have a refrigerator, stove, and probably a dishwasher. It may also have smaller appliances, such as a toaster, coffee maker, and blender. Many furnished apartments will have a washer and dryer to make cleaning your clothes more convenient.
  4. What Other Amenities Can I Expect? Your home away from home will likely come with more than furniture. You can expect to find that the apartment building has a fitness center and Wi-Fi access. Also, furnished apartments often roll the cost of your utilities into the monthly lease payment for additional convenience. Don’t forget that you may be able to bring Fido or Fluffy with you, as many companies realize having your pet is a bonus.

Furnished Apartments Make Living Away from Home Enjoyable

Make renting a furnished apartment in Jackson, MS simple when you contact the team at Corporate Housing Experts. We have beautiful units situated in excellent communities waiting for you. Talk to us about your sense of style and we will build a customized package to meet your requirements. We are here to serve you, and our clients agree – “The commitment they show their customers is exceptional as is the customer service they provide.” We can’t wait to help you get established in beautiful Jackson for your next assignment.

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