How Traveling Nurses Benefit from Furnished Apartments in Gulfport, MS

As a traveling nurse, you have the best of both worlds – serving people and seeing the country. It also comes with moving from place to place as your assignments change. Finding a place to put up your feet at the end of a long shift shouldn’t mean that you are stuck in a stuffy hotel. Neither does it mean you should have to stay in a room of another person’s home. Instead, taking advantage of short-term, furnished apartments while working in Gulfport, MS, is a fantastic option worth exploring.

6 Advantages of Short-Term, Furnished Apartments

You may not have considered the benefits of renting a furnished apartment for short-term assignments. Here are six reasons you should:

  1. Fully furnished: The most significant benefit is coming home to a fully equipped, comfortable, private apartment. You don’t have to shop for a bed, couch, or dining room table. That is included in your rental.
  2. Well-equipped kitchen: As a nurse, you know the effects of poor nutrition. However, working long hours and living out of a suitcase often means reaching for fast food. A furnished apartment also comes with all the cooking utensils you need to make healthy foods that nourish you. Whip up nutritious meals – just like you do at home!
  • In-unit laundry appliances: Who wants to spend their day off at the laundromat? Not you! You don’t have to leave the apartment when you need fresh scrubs, or your favorite robe cleaned. Throw it in the in-unit washer and grab a cool drink to sip while you put your feet up in the living room.
  1. Flexible lease options: You can find furnished apartments in Gulfport, MS, that are geared toward traveling professionals such as yourself. Corporate housing communities offer flexible leasing options to fit your needs.
  2. Utilities included: Your lease payment includes all your utilities, so you don’t have to worry about paying deposits and setting things up. Wi-Fi is included, too! It’s all ready for you when you arrive.
  3. Convenient locations: Short-term, corporate housing is located in convenient areas. Many are near public transportation if you need to access it. Additionally, the communities are centered near grocery stores and other shops you may want to visit on your days off.

Make the Most of Your Time in Gulfport, MS with a Furnished Apartment

Choose an option that gives you that home-away-from-home experience you desire. Corporate Housing Experts gives you flexible leasing terms on furnished apartments located in gorgeous communities. Not only do we have beautiful units, but we have outstanding Southern hospitality, too. We can give you some useful insight into local attractions, as well as provide you with answers to your questions. Learn more when you contact us today.

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