How to Choose the Right Corporate Housing for Extended Stays?

Are you looking for extended stay corporate housing? It is important to take your time and find an accommodation that meets your needs. The following tips will help you find just the right place.

The basics

Whether you are dealing with a company, property owner or manager, it is important to ensure that the housing will meet your basic needs. Ensure that you will have a clean place to stay that is in great shape and well maintained.

Other things to consider include Wi-Fi access, parking availability and maid service. Determine what is important to you and make a list. This will help you in the decision making process.


It is important to search for extended stay corporate housing in a location that provides you with easy access to the city or the area where most of your activities will be centered. Consider access to not only your work but also restaurants and shopping. Your choice of location however, may also be dependent on the cost of the accommodation.


Choose a place that you can afford for the length of your stay. Corporate housing is a great option because it is more cost effective than paying for a long stay in a hotel room. The cost of the accommodation will largely depend on the location, amenities and services provided.

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