How Corporate Housing Companies in Mississippi Help with Relocation in a Seller’s Market

COVID-19 changed the work landscape forever. In a short time, countries shut down, and employees were sent home to work. Americans discovered that working from home meant they could live wherever they wanted. Instead of a 30-minute commute, they could take 30 seconds from their bedroom to their kitchen table. This trend also contributed to many new homebuyers looking for places with more space, driving up demand for homes in the suburbs. It looks like 2022 is shaping up to remain a seller’s market, which can spell trouble for those looking to relocate employees. In Mississippi, corporate housing companies offer solutions that aid your bottom line and give employees time to find the perfect home.

Trends Affecting Home Buying and Selling

The real estate market ebbs and flows. In 2008, many people lost their homes to foreclosure as the mortgage bubble burst. Today, the pandemic has encouraged a new type of buyer that is eager to purchase, driving prices up the prices of homes. These younger buyers are different from other generations, and they are causing their own ripple effect. Here are a few trends as noted in Apartment Therapy:

  1. Things are looking up for buyers, but it’s still a seller’s market: The housing inventory is tight and will remain so. However, there are predictions that the inventory will grow.
  2. Some homebuyers are purchasing a ‘second home’ before their primary home: Market savvy Millennials and Gen Z’s are house hacking by buying vacation homes and renting them out. Remote work makes this possible.
  3. Demand for more space will continue: COVID made close quarters in urban areas less desirable. Buyers are heading to the suburbs for more room, but they are not necessarily going rural.

Corporate Housing Companies Provide Valuable Assistance

When you have an employee relocating to a new city in Mississippi, they may struggle to find a new home. That’s where corporate housing companies become your secret weapon. They offer:

  • Safer Communities: Your team wants to remain safe. Corporate housing communities are in nicer areas within the city. Additionally, they’re close to places like shopping and entertainment.
  • Flexible Lease Terms: It might take some time for your employee to find the right house in this tight market. Lease terms with extended stay apartments are flexible, giving your employee the time they need.
  • Hassle-Free: Corporate housing provides move-in-ready, furnished apartments. You don’t have to worry about setting up utilities or furnishings. It’s all included.

Use Mississippi Corporate Housing Experts for Your Team’s Relocation Needs

Ease the stress of moving to a new city and finding housing when you choose the services of Corporate Housing Experts. We are a premier corporate housing company in Mississippi, serving our clients with beautiful apartments and superb customer service. When you have team members relocating or in need of temporary housing, we’ll make it easy on all of you. Our satisfied clients concur, “The commitment they show their customers is exceptional as is the customer service they provide.”

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