How Corporate Apartments are Great for a Temporary Stay

Organizations that have their staff and executives traveling for extended periods of time have several options for acquiring accommodations for them. These options include regular hotels, extended stay hotels or even renting and furnishing apartments for longer stays. However, these can have drawbacks from an expense or convenience standpoint.

A great alternative to the above options is to work with a professional corporate housing company that specializes in setting up corporate apartments for extended but temporary stays. This will eliminate the need for the employees to spend time finding an apartment, setting up utilities and getting the corporate apartment set up with all of the required furnishings.

For “turnkey” corporate apartments in Jackson, MS work with the experts at Corporate Housing Experts. They offer accommodations that are fully furnished, already well-established as temporary residences and designed to meet the needs of a traveling business professional. From the nicest furnishings, linens, and fully equipped kitchens to buildings packed with truly world-class amenities – think gyms on the premises, pools, business services, and so much more.

The corporate lodging in Jackson, MS through Corporate Housing Experts also provides flexible lease terms set in buildings and communities that often rate as some of the best in the area. Utilities are included and leases are available for periods as short as thirty days.

This means that a company that requires accommodations for traveling executives or key staff does not have to struggle with maintaining and owning housing, renting substandard facilities or settling for whatever is available. Instead, they can find the best alternatives for short or long term housing by simply calling (800) 990-7368.