Great Choices for Temporary Stay Apartments in Jackson, MS

Jackson, Mississippi brings in plenty of business travelers, but one of the more common is that of a film crew. If you are traveling to the Jackson area with your team for filming, you are probably looking for hotel suites in Jackson, MS that can accommodate your large group. While staying at a hotel certainly has its perks, so does a short term furnished apartment. In fact, once you compare the two, you might find this type of rental accommodation more appealing than a typical room in a hotel.

The Benefits of Short Stay Rentals in Jackson, MS

Whether you are filming a documentary, TV show or a few scenes for a movie, your stay in Jackson will be long enough that hotel suites become cramped and uncomfortable. Some reasons more film crews and producers opt for furnished units to rent include:

  • More Space for More People – With a hotel, you may get a room with two beds, but that means your film crew physically has to share a bedroom. For a long stay, this can become awkward and uncomfortable. Temporary apartments offer separate bedrooms, just like staying at home. You can fit more crew in a single unit than in a hotel suite, and everyone still feels as though they have a little space to themselves.
  • You Save More – Hotels may seem like the cheaper option at first, but if you add up the long-term costs of staying at these establishments, you may soon realize how much more affordable it is to rent an apartment. For example, hotel suites do not have full kitchens; therefore, a large chunk of your production budget will be spent on the crew having to eat out. Having kitchens within their units, your film crew can eat a few meals at least without having to go out.
  • Furnished with Everything You Need – Suites may come with towels and a few toiletries, but they do not usually come with small appliances, extra bedding and cooking utensils. These are things you need in order to make your stay comfortable and feel a little more like home. Furnished apartments can include all of these items in a package rental deal.
  • Just as Many Amenities, if Not More – Hotels have amenities, but so do temporary apartments. These units often come with business centers, free Wi-Fi, gyms, maid service, housekeeping, etc. You can find suitable services and amenities that your film crew will need to stay comfortably without having to break the bank.

Organize Your Rental Stay in Jackson, MS

Corporate Housing Experts has numerous vacancies available to accommodate you and your film crew. Our team can help you find a furnished, short-term rental and discuss houseware packages so that you have everything you need.


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