Go Local: Get a Real Sense of Jackson, Mississippi on Your Extended Stay

Traveling for work may bring some excitement when the experience is new. Frequent business trips, however, mean too much time away from home and family, plus the discomfort of living out of suitcases. The appeal of a new location can quickly wear off if you never really get to explore the area.

If you have an upcoming temporary stay in Jackson, Mississippi, why not get away from your run-of-the-mill hotel accommodation and instead explore your options for corporate housing? Short term rentals and flexible options are available to accommodate one person or an entire family. Plus, getting away from the tourist centers and business hotels will allow you to see a side of your new home away from home that you would otherwise miss. Consider the advantages of getting a local experience and contact us to find your perfect rental unit.

3 Reasons to Choose Corporate Housing for Your Extended Stay

  1. Lifestyle: Churches, songs, and iced tea may come to mind when you think of the southern US. While you would not be wrong to think about these, the area has a lot of other interesting aspects. Local events, strong community, and southern hospitality all need to be experienced to be understood. Your corporate housing rental can take you into the heart of the community and ensure you get an authentic, first-hand look at what Jackson, Mississippi and the surrounding areas have to offer. Outside of your colleagues at work, learn more about how people in the area spend their days and enjoy their evenings when you live as neighbors in the city.
  2. Culture: Mississippi has a lot to offer in terms of history and culture. The Art Center, Art Gallery, Davis Planetarium, and Farish Street Historical District provide plenty to see and do. The area played a key role in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, offering visitors rich historical insights into those years. Jackson also has that quintessential ‘southern charm’. The historical legacy and modern ties result in a dynamic city that offers a lot to learn and experience over the course of your stay.
  3. Food: Another great part of living among the locals is a more delicious and diverse food experience. Whether you identify as a foodie or just eat for fuel, there are plenty of fantastic options to enjoy on your extended stay in Jackson, Mississippi. Healthy and affordable restaurants and traditional southern comfort can all be found in the area. Corporate rentals allow you to explore a neighborhood from a convenient base and save time commuting to your place of employment. The time you save in transit can be spent sipping on local brews or enjoying southern barbecue, fresh seafood, and grits.

Find the perfect rental accommodation in Jackson to experience all the best the region has to offer. Corporate Housing Experts can help you set up accommodations for your extended stay that will get you out of a stuffy hotel and into the real rhythm of the city. Tell us more about your housing requirements and relocation needs.

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