Convenient Furniture Rental in Hattiesburg and Jackson, MS – Transform Your Student Rental Apartment into a Home

As a student, have you been thinking about moving out of your dorm room and into an off-campus apartment? Are you hesitant due to the cost of buying furniture? If you have already moved out, you may be looking at inexpensive, mismatched pieces of furniture. What will you do with it when you head home for the summer? Furniture rental in Hattiesburg or Jackson, MS for your student apartment is just the solution you need.

Transform your college budget apartment into a cozy home-away-from-home while you are studying at the University of Southern Mississippi or any of the Jackson MS area colleges. A furniture rental package from Corporate Housing Experts can help you stay comfortable with the everyday conveniences of home.

Why Choose Furniture Rental for Your Off-Campus Apartment

You don’t have to break the bank to ensure convenience and comfort. An affordable package can completely furnish your dwelling. Consider these ideas as you plan your rentals:

  • Ideal for Short-Term Periods: You are not at school all year, so why should you have to rent all 12 months? Short-term lease agreements allow you to furnish your apartment for only the period you require to stay in the unit.
  • Easy to Personalize to Your Tastes: Making your space a home is easy when you personalize décor suited to your tastes.
  • No-Hassle Furnishings: Experience professional, timely delivery of your furnishings. No assembly needed!

What Types of Furnishings Can You Rent

Curious about the types of chairs, beds, sofas, and other pieces you can rent? Every room can be beautifully outfitted with a variety of items.

  • Living Room: Where else can you truly relax after a long day of classes than on a comfortable couch? Watch sporting events on TV and lay out your snacks on the coffee table. Go ahead, put your feet up on the table; no one is watching!
  • Dining Room: You need a place to eat, so a dining room table with matching chairs would be a convenient choice. Invite friends over for a home-cooked meal served on a pretty dinette set. You might also choose artwork to enhance the ambiance.
  • Bedroom: Pulling all-nighters studying for an exam may be inevitable in your student life, but sleep is critical to your health and success. Pick from queen or king mattresses with a decorative headboard; add a dresser and a desk, and you have the makings of a sleeper’s haven.
  • Appliances: Do you have a washer/dryer hook-up that sits empty? Save your quarters and rent a set instead. You will save time and transportation costs when you can do your laundry at home.
  • Housewares: No one wants to lug pots, pans, and dishes to and from school. Rent your housewares and change the look of your cozy nook each semester if you like.

Make your temporary off-campus housing more like home with furniture rental from Corporate Housing Experts. Our goal is to help you furnish your apartment with beautiful, functional items within your student budget. We can even tailor our rental packages to fit your needs.

Call 800-990-7368 to find comfortable, convenient, and affordable corporate rental units, or request a free quote online.