Filming in Mississippi? Book Short-Term Furnished Apartment Rentals for Your Crew

Mississippi is a popular location for film crews from around the world. With the diversity of scenery options and great culture, everything from commercials to movies to music videos can easily be filmed here. If you are bringing your entire crew out for a filming project in the state, you may be contemplating which hotel will be the best choice. While a hotel offers you the furnishings you need, it is not as accommodating and often will cost your project budget more than a short-term furnished apartment that you can rent for much less.

Furnished Short-Stay Apartments vs. Hotels

Whether your project will take a week or a few months, your two main options are booking your crew into a hotel or finding a rental apartment that is furnished and available for short-term stay. In general, furnished apartments are a popular alternative to a hotel room and offer more benefits to you and your film crew:

  • More Comfort – Unlike a hotel, an apartment offers a homely feel which means you and your crew will feel as though you have a home away from home.
  • Kitchens – Extended stay hotels can usually provide a kitchenette, while a rental apartment will have a full kitchen and you can even rent the small appliances and utensils you need to use it.
  • Amenities – While hotels boast about their amenities, most travelers do not realize that apartments have the same amenities as hotels (if not more). Some can even come with a cleaning service just like a hotel, so you and your crew do not have to worry about weekly housekeeping during your stay.
  • Quiet – Hotel guests come and go. If you are staying for a month, the rooms next to you could easily change daily and you may be stuck with hotel guests that have no concern for others sharing walls with them. With a rental apartment unit, you are often sharing the complex with other professionals traveling on business, so there will not be frequently loud parties and late night disturbances to worry about.


Filming far away from home does not mean you and your crew need to be cramped into a hotel. Short-term furnished apartment rentals are the ideal choice for film crews. They allow you to split the cost of your rental and enjoy a little comfort away from home.

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