Extended Stay Options for Government and Military Employees – Ways to Lower Travel Costs

Corporate housing provides numerous benefits to government and military professionals traveling on assignment to Biloxi, Jackson and other areas of Mississippi. These units offer a home-like atmosphere, various amenities and keep these individuals within close proximity to their work. In the long run, there are numerous cost savings that come with short-term rental apartments versus traditional hotels. Choosing the right provider will make a difference when it comes time for your government organization to find the right lodging for staff on the go.


Hidden Costs Associated with Hotel Accommodations versus Extended Stay Units


Government travel coordinators and military service members may not see the full costs associated with their hotel stay. While hotels might offer seemingly low rates, they can actually lead to more out-of-pocket expenses for the traveler as well as the agency sending their staff on deputation. These costs include:


  1. Room Rates – The rates for corporate lodging are much less than long-term hotel stays. Hotel rates are the same for each day that you rent your room or suite. However, with a temporary stay apartment, you are paying discounted rates based on the duration of stay.
  2. Taxes – Taxes are not typically an issue with rental units, because they are worked out as part of the lease rather than paying for a hotel room with taxes added on to the tariff.
  3. Parking Costs – Some rental apartment complexes in Biloxi, Jackson and other areas of Mississippi will feature free parking; while at a hotel, your traveling staff will certainly pay for daily or monthly parking.
  4. Food – This is by far one of the biggest savings when you compare hotel costs to temporary lodging. Hotel rooms do not have full-service kitchens and often lack refrigeration and cold storage. That means employees will spend more on buying meals every day instead of being able to grocery shop and cook at home. Rental units often come equipped with full kitchens, just like at home. This reduces employee out-of-pocket costs, but can also lower your food budget that you spend to reimburse employees.
  5. Utilities – Utilities come included with the leased unit, while hotels may charge extra for amenities like Wi-Fi access and telephone calls.


As a government organization or military travel coordinator, you need to find ways to relocate your staff without encountering thousands in unnecessary costs. Look for a company that helps you find the right lodging in the area you are looking for, but also offers units that cut overall accommodation costs.


Corporate Housing Experts offers fully-furnished, ready-to-rent units in Biloxi, Jackson and other areas of Mississippi that come equipped with kitchens and optional houseware packages.


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