Corporate Rentals to Make Your HR Department the Star of the Company!

As the head or a team member of your organization’s HR Department, you have the unenviable job to keep employees happy and satisfied, but also balance company goals and budgets at the same time. Tasked with relocating an employee, you may often worry about becoming the target of employee dissatisfaction and frustration over having to pack up and leave home. Living out of a suitcase, eating out every day and going back to a hotel room after a long day’s work are not scenarios that anybody looks forward to. Fortunately, you can be in control and keep your employees happy even as they travel out of town on work with corporate rentals that provide a home away from home.

Furnished apartments are especially advantageous when it comes to helping relocating staff members or finding temporary housing for new employees. As an HR professional, one of your top priorities is to act as a conduit, communicating what employees need and want, and delivering what the company can afford in order to attract and retain good talent.

A great way to strike this balance is by looking into leased accommodations through corporate housing providers. These companies offer short-term solutions that allow you to send employees on temporary assignments or bring in new staff without forcing them to stay away from the comforts of home in a hotel room.

The Benefits of Temporary Furnished Apartments

Corporate rentals offer key advantages that hotels cannot boast about, especially for short-term stays or employees that need a bridge between their temporary home and finding permanent residence. Some of the important benefits include:

  1. Employees Have a Home-Like Environment – Your traveling staff can live as they do at home while they are away on assignment. They can cook meals in their own kitchens, relax in a full-size living room and explore their surroundings with access to public services, shopping and other conveniences.
  2. Personal Services – You can add housewares to increase the functionality of the temporary unit, add housekeeping services, laundry services and even amenities like a swimming pool, gym or business center.
  3. Encourage Social Life – Your staff can be housed in areas close to downtown activities, social gatherings, etc. With a corporate rental unit, they can also invite friends and family over to stay with them without feeling like they are squeezing into a cramped hotel room.
  4. Residential Experiences Close to the Office – With the right housing company, you can find rentals close to the employee’s new place of work so that they can avoid a daily long commute to the office.

Corporate Housing Experts offers furnished apartments that are ready to house your temporarily reassigned staff or new employees. Let us give your employees a home away from home that is comfortable and convenient. With our extensive inventory of available housing, you can certainly find the perfect rental for your new or relocating staff members.

To get started, contact a Corporate Housing Expert to discuss an extended stay arrangement for your staff. Call today at 800-990-7368 or contact us online to explore your options.