Celebrate the Holidays in Your Corporate Rental

No one likes to be alone over the holidays. Yet, sometimes work projects require you to be away from your home and family during this festive season. Even staying in a short-term rental apartment can be lonely, especially if your loved ones cannot be with you.

The good news is that you do not have to be stuck in a hotel room. Instead, you can take advantage of the flexibility of your apartment and create a cozy, cheerful abode. There is no reason to let the blues stop you from enjoying this fun time of year.

Enjoy the amenities of your corporate rental and avoid the holiday blues by bringing the celebration to you. The professionals at Corporate Housing Experts can help you create a great experience when you have to be away from your family.

Take advantage of these suggestions during your business trip over the holidays.

5 Suggestions to Create a Festive Ambience in Your Corporate Rental

  • Hang the Mistletoe:

Go ahead and decorate your temporary home! Put up a Christmas tree, light a menorah, whatever you like to do to observe and savor this time of year. A little bit of the personal holiday touch will go a long way in bringing you cheer.

  • Cook a Festive Dinner:

With a completely furnished kitchen, you can break out the cookware to roast the perfect turkey along with all the fixings. Imagine all the delicious aromas you can create in your kitchen—mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie—all homemade in your oven.

  • Make New Friends:

The holidays do not have to be spent alone. Host a party with your neighbors or other co-workers. Enjoy some wine and hors-d’oeuvres or watch the football game in the comfort of your living room with a flat-screen TV.

  • Find Out Where the Locals Go:

Check out where the locals hang out. Look for holiday events and celebrations.Take advantage of local traditions and get to know the area.

  • Invite Family to Join You:

Why not have family join you at your temporary home? With space up to 1500 square feet, there is plenty of room for the family, and amenities like swimming pools and hot tubs make it feel like a vacation. Create your own holiday adventure!

Savor the holidays in your corporate rental when you make it almost like home. Decorate, entertain, and enjoy the area you are in to make some fun memories while on a work assignment.

Our team at Corporate Housing Experts is glad to help you find the best lodging and even the local holiday hangouts.

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