Corporate Lodgings

Corporate Lodgings: Best Apartments for Temporary Stay

If you’re only going on a business trip for one or two days, normal hotels, suites, and extended stay lodgings are just fine. However, when you have to stay for longer, they can get a bit cramped and inconvenient. For example, if you’re on vacation or on a brief trip, you’ll want to go out to local restaurants and get a taste for some new food. If, on the other hand, you’re going to be in the area for a few weeks or months, you’re not going to want to rely on restaurant food for every meal.

At the same time, if you’re only going to be in the area for a few weeks or months, there’s no point in leasing an apartment. Most leases require that you sign for at least six months, if not a full year. Fortunately, corporate lodging in Jackson, MS and other cities around Mississippi and the rest of the United States gives you and others looking for long-term stays a better option.

Corporate Lodgings vs. Hotel Suites and Extended Stay Lodgings

When it comes to temporary stay apartments, you have a choice. You can save your company money, and you can save yourself inconvenience and sanity when you choose corporate lodgings. What are the differences between your options?

You’ve most likely stayed at a normal hotel or hotel suite before. While you get a continental breakfast and coffee service in the mornings, along with daily maid service, you don’t get a lot of the amenities that will make you feel at home over a longer period of time. For example, most hotels don’t provide on-site laundry service or full-sized in-suite kitchens. You definitely won’t get a private mailbox or a private entrance with front-door parking.

At extended stay hotels, you may have a kitchen in your suite, but it will usually be more compact. Because they don’t have a minimum stay requirement, you’ll be taxed on your stay. Thanks to one-month minimum stays at most corporate temporary stay apartments, you can often get a better deal per night, including a tax-free stay.

Why Corporate Lodgings Are Better

When you choose corporate lodging in Jackson, MS, you’re choosing to live in an apartment, which will feel a lot more like home than any hotel. What makes a lodging feel like home? Well, corporate lodgings come with a whole list of amenities and conveniences that you get at home. Temporary stay apartments like these include in-suite washer and dryers, a full kitchen with a dishwasher, more space, front-door parking, and a private entrance.

Some corporate lodgings in Jackson, MS even offer private patios and/or balconies for your enjoyment. You’ll have more space and storage than you would in even the largest hotel suite, and you won’t have to worry about  packing all of your belongings if you go home to visit your family for a weekend. You can even personalize your space more than you could with a hotel. Corporate lodgings allow you to feel like you’re at home when you’re away from home.

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