Corporate Housing with Furniture Rental in Hattiesburg, MS – A Better Choice Than Room Rental

Staying in a new city has its set of challenges. Strange surroundings coupled with the options for adequate accommodations add to the stress. There are a variety of choices for where to live during your extended stay in Hattiesburg, MS. You can choose between hotels, extended stay suites, corporate housing rentals, and even single rooms in a private home. For some, staying in a hotel or an extended-stay suite is just fine. For others, the optimal choice is between corporate housing and a private room.


Flipping a coin is not the right way to make a choice! Each person’s housing needs are different which should be taken into account. While a private room may suit some, for others, corporate housing is the better choice.


There are many advantages to choosing accommodation with furniture rental in Hattiesburg, MS instead of a room rental.


4 Advantages of Choosing a Rental Unit with Furniture and Houseware


  • More Space: When you are staying in an extended stay apartment, you have all the space you need. Just think of it: one room with less than 300 square feet compared to an entire apartment between 800 to 1500 square feet. Leave your shoes by the door on your way to the couch. Put your feet on the coffee table with no one frowning at you.
  • Privacy: Do you get up in the middle of the night for a midnight snack? In a room rental, you may disturb other guests and the landlord. When you are in your private space, you can get up, turn on lights, and dig through the fridge. Also, getting along with strangers in close quarters can be unnerving. You don’t have that additional stress when you live alone.
  • Amenities: In your rental unit, you have amenities like a full, private kitchen where you can cook, a washer and dryer, and wireless internet. Additionally, many communities have pools, fitness centers, and tennis courts. You may also be able to bring your pet along for the trip.
  • Convenience: Landlords leasing out private rooms may have policies that are intrusive and inconvenient, such as a closing time. You do not have to answer to a “curfew” in your corporate apartment. Additionally, temporary housing offers the convenience of personnel available 24 hours a day. If you have maintenance issues, the team takes care of everything.


Choosing where to live during your extended time in Hattiesburg should not be a coin toss or a last-minute decision. If you are comfortable living in another’s home and sharing a kitchen and bathroom, a rented room may be for you. If you desire more space, privacy, amenities, and convenience, then a furnished corporate apartment is the better choice. Find comfortable accommodations in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

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