Corporate Housing Versus Hotel Suites

Why Corporate Housing is Superior to Extended Stay and Hotel Suites

If your career has you traveling for extended business trips, you?ve probably gotten somewhat accustomed to extended stay and hotel suite living. You already know that things can get more than a little bit cramped and that depending on local restaurants for every meal can waste a lot of money on your expense account.

We tend to overlook all of the little amenities we give up for lodgings when we go on vacation. After all, when you?re visiting somewhere new and exotic, you want to go out for every meal. When you?re on vacation, you don?t worry about laundry, sticking to a diet, or feeling ?at home? in your hotel room. The whole point of vacation is to get away and get out. If you?re doing it right, you aren?t spending any time in your hotel room at all, except for a few minutes before bed and the time it takes you to get ready in the morning.

Business trips aren?t vacations. While Jackson, Biloxi, Hattiesburg, and other cities in Mississippi have a lot to offer, when you?re traveling for work, you need your lodgings to feel as normal and like home as you can. That?s why corporate housing is so much better than hotel suites and extended stay in Mississippi. First of all, let?s get our terminology straight.

What?s the Difference?

Corporate housing provides people traveling for business with a better solution for lodging. As opposed to hotels and extended stay in Mississippi, when you choose corporate housing, you?ll get such amenities as a full-sized kitchen, front door or garage parking, an in-suite washer and dryer, more privacy, and an atmosphere of being more at home than in a place of transience.

Extended stay in Jackson, MS and other places includes a few amenities that you?ll see in hotels, like continental breakfasts and coffee service. However, they don?t offer full-sized kitchens, and if there?s on-site laundry, it?s not going to be in your suite. Housekeeping does come daily instead of weekly or bi-weekly, but this often provides a sense of insecurity for people traveling with valuables.

Leaving a hotel or extended stay in Mississippi for a weekend to go home and visit your family will usually entail checking out and then checking back in when you return (if you don?t want to incur extra fees). Even if you have a good enough deal on your suite not to worry about leaving and returning, you won?t want to leave your belongings there, as you?ll have to keep security in mind.

Benefits of Corporate Housing

Because corporate housing facilities are aimed at people staying for a longer period of time ? be it to set up an office, open a plant or warehouse, or complete a consulting contract ? they often have minimum stay requirements. Unlike an extended stay in Hattiesburg, MS or anywhere else in Mississippi, you won?t be living in a community of transient occupants. Everyone in your corporate housing complex will be staying for a minimum of one month. That means that, along with all of the other pleasures of home, you?ll start to see the same faces when you leave in the morning and come home at night. This gives many people a feeling of community, making it easier to stay away from home for work.

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