Corporate Housing: the Best Option for an Extended Stay

For your next extended business trip, do you want to stay in a traditional hotel room with a mini fridge and a decent (but not fantastic) restaurant downstairs as your only option for meals? Of course you don’t. Instead, staying in a fully furnished apartment, complete with television, landline, office area, all of the cooking utensils you’ll need to make your favorite meals, and on-site or in-apartment laundry sounds a lot better, doesn’t it?

A lot of extended stay hotels make an attempt at giving you the ability to live life normally when you’re on the road for business, but they just don’t make the cut. Corporate housing, on the other hand, could be your home away from home.

These fully equipped and furnished apartments are the perfect solution for an extended stay in Jackson, MS. If you’re staying in the area for a month or two, you’ll be here long enough to make hotel life miserable, but your stay won’t be long enough to warrant signing a lease, buying furniture, and shopping for kitchen utensils.

Instead, let the friendly and knowledgeable people at Corporate Housing Experts find you an extended stay solution that will fit your lifestyle better. Corporate apartments allow you to really relax and make yourself at home, and you can often still receive such luxuries as weekly cleaning services and linen laundering, depending on the apartment you choose.

If you’re ready to stop living out of a suitcase when you’re on business trips and start living a normal, healthy lifestyle, it’s time to kick hotels to the curb. Call Corporate Housing Experts today @ (800) 990-7368, and find a better home away from home.