Corporate Housing Rental Trends to Make Your Life Easier

Traveling executives, educators, vacationers, displaced families, and students have relied on the housing and amenities of extended stay apartments. Once the pandemic hit in 2020, different areas of real estate took a hit as people stayed home, stopped traveling, and ordered their items online. For years, corporate housing has taken care of those in transition, but it wasn’t immune from the effects of the pandemic. Now that things are opening back up and people are moving about, corporate housing in Jackson, MS, is rebounding with new lessons that can help you as you find accommodations for your team.

Current Corporate Housing Trends

The pandemic has brought new ideas and enhancements to your corporate rental experience. Established companies are making your job easier than ever with trends, such as:

  1. Investing in More Automation Options: Corporate housing companies see the importance of automation processes. For example, your employees will enjoy self-service check-in and check-out procedures. They can get into their apartment (and leave it) quickly and without any hassle. You may find that your favorite rental company has a new digital interface, which is much simpler and faster for you to use.
  2. Newer Furnishings: Fully furnished apartments eliminate much of the stress from the rental process. You and your team want comfortable and beautiful furnishings. Corporate housing companies realize this and ensure you have newer items to choose from. You may find you have a range from which you can pick. For example, your executives could want more upscale furniture versus others on your team who enjoy beautiful yet functional pieces.
  3. Home Offices: The hybrid workplace is here to stay. Employees spend time working from home and going into the office. Some corporate housing companies are converting bedrooms into offices. They may incorporate hideaway furniture to create workspaces within apartments.

Corporate Housing Experts Is Here for All Your Short-Term Rental Needs

As companies and employees embrace new ways of working, corporate housing companies have even more demands to meet. At Corporate Housing Experts, we understand what you need to ensure your team has a comfortable place to live while on the road. We work tirelessly to have everything in place before arrival. We also understand the trends on the horizon. Before you look at other companies, consider how we can serve you:

  • We have different furnishing packages from which you can choose. We know that people have different tastes. Therefore, we give you options to furnish your short-term stay apartment with those items that make you feel at home.
  • We offer a ton of amenities. Our apartments come with high-speed Wi-Fi so you or your employees can come in and get to work. Our communities also have different amenities such as pools, fitness rooms, and easy access to local attractions.
  • We give you the personal touch with our Southern hospitality. We believe that technology is convenient, but you have a recipe for success when you add our personal touch. Our team is happy to handle all your needs to ensure things are ready for you upon your arrival. We have the utilities turned on and quickly answer all your questions, even about the best location for dinner.

Look to Corporate Housing Experts for all your short-term rental needs. Our clients know we offer the best service around, “The commitment they show their customers is exceptional, as is the customer service they provide.” Why not contact us and discover the Magnolia State’s best-kept short-term apartment rental secret?

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