The No-Stress Guide from Corporate Housing Experts to Your “New Job, New Home”

You did it! After beating hundreds of other applicants, you have been hired for your dream job. The only caveat is that it is located across the country in a new state.

Moving is stressful, even if it is just across town. Add hundreds or thousands of miles, and your anxiety levels will jump off the charts. You can make things easier by choosing to stay in furnished apartments with fantastic amenities at Corporate Housing in the best neighborhoods. Make your move an enjoyable, hassle-free event.

Corporate Housing - Moving is now Stress-free

5 Tips to Keep Moving Stress at Bay

If you utilize the following tips, your relocation will not cause elevated blood pressure or anxiety.

  • Create a List: Even if you are not a list maker, jotting down everything you need on paper or in a computer document will save you time, energy, and stress. You can also use your Smartphone to make a memo. There are too many balls to juggle when you are relocating. Consider who to notify first: post office, banks, health insurance, creditors, friends, and Have an additional list of things you need during the first-week after you move. Keep these items handy so that you are prepared when you need them. With all the energy spent on assembling and dismantling a ton of items, you may not be ready to unpack your boxes for a while.
  • Set a Budget: Relocation is expensive. There are a variety of costs you need to be aware of, such as transport, movers, buying boxes and packing supplies, gas, eating out, and start-up costs of utilities. Setting up a budget gives you a better picture of what you can buy now and what needs to wait until you get settled. For example, you may be able to restock your pantry, but you may need to hold off on non-essentials like new curtains for your living room.
  • Locate Important Services: Take a test run to your new workplace. Find the best routes to drive or the most convenient public transportation to make your first day great. Locate the grocery store, dry cleaners, and Laundromat that are closest to your location.
  • Create and Expand your Social Network: Making the move to a new city or state can be lonely, maybe even a little daunting, especially if you do not have a local network to join. Request friends and family to connect you with others in your new town. You can also use online services like “Meet Up” to find individuals with similar interests and hobbies. Join your new co-workers in community ventures.
  • Keep Commitments Short-Term: When you are settling into a new city and you want to find the perfect place to live, it helps to hold off on buying a new home immediately. Instead, corporate housing offers the flexibility of short-term leases so you can get used to your new hometown and find the neighborhood that best fits your lifestyle.

Plan ahead with our friendly and knowledgeable team. Our goal is to help you enjoy your new city and stay within your budget. We can even tailor our rental packages to fit your needs.

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